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Resolver I

Lookup not working for dataverse



I have two tables in dataverse (dynamics HR), one is called leave requests and the other is called leave request details. I will be uploading the data from the leave request table into a gallery in power apps, but I need to get the 'leave request date column' as part of that gallery which is from leave request detail table. I have created the relationship between the two tables, Many to one (leave request - leave request details). I have also made sure that both tables have a relationships with the worker table so that I can pull the workers full name. 

When I do a lookup for the workers full name in the worker table - I am able to get the workers full name details which is good.

see below:



But when I try to do the same thing and look up the leave request date in the leave request details table nothing shows up? There are two leave request detail drop downs available the leave request date details is the relationship I created and nothing shows up? 




while the other one just comes up with an error:




Can someone please help me in the right direction. Have I done something wrong in the back end? 




Helper IV
Helper IV



Have you tried extending the code by one more dot. Then you will get more suggestions from the data source. Layer deeper.

Something like this..

ThisItem.'Worker (cdm_WorkerId)'.LeaveDate.Fullname


Hi Robin, 

This didnt work.



I tried this as well and it also did not work:




Helper IV
Helper IV

In the Workers table(the table linked to the Gallery) in dataverse you have a Lookup column use that name after ThisItem. and then the name of column you are looking for:)



Hi Robin, 


Yes that works for the worker table see below:


But I also need to retrieve the leave date from the leave request details table. I apply the same method but nothing comes ups? 



Is there anything else I can try?

Helper IV
Helper IV

Can you screenshot the lookup field names in Worker table?

Hi Robin:

 See below: 





This is the column table in the worker table: - there seems to be no lookup columns for the 2 leave request tables even though I have created relationships for them.



If I go into the leave request table and click 'view' - active: 

I am able to get the workers full name from the related worker table. But when I go into the leave request detail table (which I created the relationship). When I put leave date in nothing comes up. 



Alternatively, If I was to open up my leave request detail table. I can get the status of the leave request from the leave request table (blue) but I cannot get the full name from the worker table (red):






Helper IV
Helper IV

I tought It was only showing the related data inside the gallery. But it looks like the relation is there, but current data is not realy related yet. So dataverse don't know what to display. Do you have a form(with related fields)? Then adding a new item (fill in the fields) then add, then you see related data?


Go in Dataverse to tables, data, add new record..

Hi Robin, 


I'm a little bit confused. I created a form and as soon as I started putting in fields from the leave request table red cross's started to appear:



Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi 🙂


I mean up here in Dataverse 1. then 2. and if the form does not have all the fields then first edit the main form in tab 'form'.



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