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M:M Filter in CDS

Hi All,


I have an issue on filtering the users from the team.I am using CDS.



User Entity 

Team Entity 

both the entity has M-M relationship.

Onstart of the app For the current User I have filtered the teams and stored in the collection.

Code:ClearCollect(teammaint,First(User).'Teams (cre33_SystemUser_crd13_Team_crd13_Team)')

Now I need to filter all the users belong to each team


I am not able to filter it Can you guys help me on this..

Super User
Super User

Please try:

Set(LoggedUser,LookUp('User Entity',UserColumn=User().Email,TeamName) OnStart .

Then do this to filter:
Filter('Team Entity',TeamColumn=LoggedUser)


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I am able to retrieve the current user -->teams


For example:

Karthick--> A,team B


Now My issue is to find the other members who belong to this team A and team B

Hi @Anonymous 

Remember that an N:N relationships is actually two 1:N relationships with a junction table.  PowerApps creates the junction table automatically when you select a many to many relationship when building entities.  However, it is possible, and sometimes desirable to create your own junction entity and then use it in formulas that can describe both sides of the relationship.  For more information and an illustration, see my post    

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@Drrickryp  Thank you for the quick response 


Junction table has been created in default understand.


Now I need to pull the other way round from the list of teams to the users.

I have the team list of user A

User A->team A,team B in a collection


Now I tried ForAll  to iterate one by one the team and retrieved Users for each team 




Ex:Team A->userA,User B

Team B ->user C,user D

But when i store in the collection it is empty



So As per your suggestion I need to create a custom entity which has relationship with team and user entity.

It is correct


Hi @Anonymous 

It looks like your issue is the same one illustrated in the documentation .  Does this help? 

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@Drrickryp  Sure Ill go through the documentation and let you know

Hi @Anonymous 

So as not to confuse you, there are two ways to deal with this.  One is to use the built in N:N relationship between entities.  That is what is referred to in the documentation in the post above yours. It has the advantage of simplicity as PowerApps does all the work.


The other approach is to build your own junction entity.  This latter has the advantage that you can add additional fields specific for that relationship.  For example, the classic N:N relationship between Students and Teachers.  The junction could describe a Class that includes the grade the student gets or the location of the class, neither of which belongs in either of the other tables.

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When i try to pull the users from team i am getting 501 501

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