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Make objects visible on button click

Hi All,


I am attempting to make a label visible upon clicking a button. However, I only need this to be visible if one or more out of my 3 textboxes are blank. I have attempted multiple different methods including writing code OnSelect of the button as well as the Visible property of each of the labels. Here is an example of the most recent code I have attempted to implement:


If(IsBlank(RegInput.Text) || IsBlank(OwnerInput.Text) || IsBlank(ContactInput.Text), NotCompleted_Button.Visible=true && NotCompleted_Info.Visible=true && NotCompleted_Title.Visible=true, NotCompleted_Button.Visible=false && NotCompleted_Info.Visible=false && NotCompleted_Title.Visible=false)


I was also tried implementing variables and setting three different variables equal to true OnChange like so:


Set(ContactComplete, true)

Then checking each of these variables on the button click:


If(!OwnerCompleted || !ContactComplete || !RegCompleted, NotCompleted_Button.Visible= true && NotCompleted_Info.Visible=true && NotCompleted_Title.Visible=true,NotCompleted_Button.Visible=false && NotCompleted_Info.Visible=false && NotCompleted_Title.Visible=false)

This still doesn't make anything visible when clicking the button. I have also attempted multiple google searches and can't really find any related to this specific problem.


Coming from other languages such as Java and scripting languages, it's a very different format and layout so I am still getting to grips with Powerapps and the solution to this may be fairly simple. 


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Ben

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Re: Make objects visible on button click

Bumping for visibility 



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Re: Make objects visible on button click



You can try setting variable on visible field of your label to be displayed and use again Set() to change it to true or false with your if statement. I do not think assigning Label.Visible = true is working.


Hope this helps.

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