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Making my App work OFF LINE

Hi there, I have been trying to implement the offline capability for a long time ago, but I've waited for that Microsoft release a version that does not need to apply codes, but I think this is not going to happen. Anyway, this is my situation: In my app, I have 13 Collections, each collection is located in a different screen, and with a (<) Back button it saves and patch the share point list. So I don't know how to properly apply the code to add the offline capability to have my entire app be able to save data if no WiFi is available. Could somebody please point me in the right direction? thanks in advance. regards,
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So take the same code as you use for the patch and apply it to a local collection. I personally like to do this by default even if online, just incase a connection isn't fully offline but really bad. 


Then you have to either add a timer that runs, or give them a button and a screen that does the upload when you are ready. 
Daniel did a good video going over how to do it with an onStart Example recently:


And Mr. Deng did one awhile back that was really good and How I modeled mine after.


I need to get some time so I can do my example too, been so busy! 

Thank you very much! I have watched both videos, really cool. I am going to give a try. Lets see what is the result, I am new and it seems like is easy for a simple collection. I have 13.....OMG Thanks in advance! 🙂

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