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Match excell tables in a dropdown



I want to create an App. This App will have a drop down list. The functionality of drop down list will be to check user's name from userOffice365 connector and gets the last name, then will shows the records of column suppliers according to user's last name. For example let's say that  company has user John Doe and on power apps we have connect a table from excel with suppliers that concern John Doe. The table name is doe and the column name of the table is Suppliers. At the app we have several tables with last names of other users with the same structure. When the user opens the app we want to display the list for his suppliers only. So I have create a drop down list and I have write the following command:



Match(User().FullName, "\s(.*)", Contains)




But didn't worked, I got doe on the drop down list and nothing else. Thoughtfully  to return a table in order to show the list so I change my code line to the following




Table(Match(User().FullName, "\s(.*)", Contains))




This didn't worked as well, now my drop down list is empty. At the function information I can see that there is a table somewhere (Check attached powerapps1) but I can't figure out the correct syntax.



So I write




Table(Match(User().FullName, "\s(.*)", Contains)).Submatches 




but I get the attached powerapps2 warning and empty drop down list



Can anyone help ?


Thank you

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Super User


If possible use the email address of the user in a filter, There are no spaces in it and it will be unique.  Collect it as a variable in the OnStart of the app as Set(useremail, User().email) you can then use useremail to filter your Galleries and datatables to only show items created by the user.  Using the last name is problematic because of duplicates and the way names are entered,  For Example, Smith, John B., John B. Smith, John Smith, John Smith DDS, etc.).  

Also, it would be better to use SharePoint rather than Excel for your data sources as the creator of items in the list is automatically collected as metadata and can be used later to filter your galleries. 

For more information as to why Excel is a terrible data source for PowerApps, see Shane Young's video here 

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