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Meeting Capture Office365Users.UserProfileV2 failed: "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource."

When users (not admins) try to use the Meeting Capture app they get the following error message:


Office365Users.UserProfileV2 failed: { "error": { "code": "-2147024891,
System.UnauthorizedAccessException", "message": "Access denied. You do not have
permission to perform this action or access this resource.", "innerError": { "request-id": ...


All users have permissions to use the app but keep getting this error. Does someone know how to solve that and can help me please?


Thank you!




Have the user(s) having the issue try these below steps


  1. Clear Cookies and Cache, and retry
  2. (Before and/or After user(s) did #1) - remove and re-add the data source from PowerApps, then retry #1, then retry it.
    1. Also, after doing this, try clicking the refresh icon a few times in PowerApps Maker as well. It's under the ellipses under the Data Source under Data Source -> Data Source -> Ellipses near your Data Source in PowerApps Maker
  3. (Each user(s) facing the issue should attempt this one) Remove the Office 365 connection, and then if needed recreate the Connection by removing the connection under -> Data -> Connections -> Find Office 365 Connection -> Use Ellipses ->  Remove Office 365 Connection., then retry #2, then retry #1, then retry it.
  4.  After trying #1-#2 above with one user, also try to have each user try doing #3 only if it worked for one of the users, and seeing if this helps resolve this one.


Also see

Issue Connecting Data Sources 


Check if the above helps.



Try this also from the app author's side, especially in addition the other things in our first reply (recommended to try this one first before trying the other ones in the first reply  - and then try it again after the ones in the first reply):


  1. -> Data -> Connections -> Find Office 365 Connection -> Use Ellipses -> See if there is a "Share" option - if there is a "Share" option, then go ahead and share the connection with every user(s) - especially the one(s) that got the error you referenced.
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Thank you for your answer but unfortunately neither one of these options worked. All users that are not admin users still get this error.

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