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Advocate I

Meeting notes formatting lost in Meeting capture app



When we use the meeting capture powerapp the meeting notes lose their formatting. e.g. the bullet points don't come through (see attached)


Does anyone know how to resolve this?







Hey Sylvie,


The HTML for the OneNote and Email are set in the OnVisible property of the WelcomeScreen. If you open that property up on the formula bar and do a search for

<td style='border:0;background-color:#eaedef;padding:0;height:10px;'></td>

This is the line you want to modify. To get something like the image below (squared in red), you'll want to replace that line with

<td colspan='2' height='20px' style='background-color:#eaedef;font-size:8pt;'>These notes brought to you by the Meeting Capture app. For more information contact SylvieLet</td>

Your mileage may vary on how exactly you want to format it, so let me know if you were thinking something different.



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

This is perfect, thank you!

Hi all,


The OneNote team has released the proper fix regarding the OneNote submission issue from this app. I've tried it with success, so it looks like we should be good 🙂


Please let me know if the issue persists for you!



RESOLVED!!! My OneNote now has my Meeting Capture notes in there. Thank you!!

Hey this is great and really useful but sadly the email which was sent to attendee's has stopped sending.

Any idea what i've done wrong?


@WirralGuy I think it is better to start a new thread because it seems to be a different problem from this thread title. This thread has also been marked "solved", so others may not pay much attention to it.


Some useful info to provide are the formulas used in sending the email or any customizations you might have made to the Meeting capture app.

Not applicable


I would like to edit the notes that i made in a certain meeting but it looks like it emails me a image. Where can i edit the code or fix the problem?

Your solution was a lifesaver. Can't tell you how many vague posts I came across for replacing the plain text with RTF. This was clear, to the point, and very easy to follow. Thank you very much!! 😎👍

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