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Meeting notes formatting lost in Meeting capture app



When we use the meeting capture powerapp the meeting notes lose their formatting. e.g. the bullet points don't come through (see attached)


Does anyone know how to resolve this?







Hello Mona @v-monli-msft Any update on this? It seems like the capture app would be awesome, if the notes function was fixed. below is a sample of text with formatting that was input into meeting notes today - and then the output. This would take it from "neat" to awesome. Please advise when this might be fixed.
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Power Apps

Hi all,


The reason why your formatting is not kept by the Meeting Capture app is because the note taking control is for plain text. That being said, there is a solution currently in preview, which you all can add to your Meeting Capture apps in ~5 minutes. On the Insert > Text menu, we have a Rich Text Editor which can be substituted for the Plain Text Input control used by the Meeting Capture app today.


Before getting started, I'd recommend redownloading the Meeting Capture app to acquire the most up to date copy (as it's the one I worked with in the steps below).


To add this to your app:

  1. Navigate to the HomeScreen and open the HomeNotes group.
  2. Delete the NotesInput control within that group,
  3. Insert the rich text editor onto the screen.
    1. To align it's size & location with the previous input control, set it's (X, Y, Width, Height) to be (434, 220, 430, 508) respectively.
  4. Rename the rich text editor to NotesInput (same name as the previous input control), and regroup it with the controls in the HomeNotes group
    1. be sure that the HomeNotes group is in the same ordering on the tree view (to the left of the canvas) as it was previously, 
      1. You may have to go to Home > Reorder > Send backward to properly reorder
  5. Navigate to the ConfirmScreen and select it's OnVisible property
  6. On the 15th line where it says 
    {Field: "{MeetingNotes}", Data: NotesInput.Text}
    change that to say
    {Field: "{MeetingNotes}", Data: NotesInput.HtmlText}

Once all that is done, the app should be in working order with a rich text editor.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Ian, this is great!  Thank you. 


Only remaining issue for me is moving the notesinput control back up under the HomeNotes drop down.   Any hints?   


(Pic attached of what I can see.)

Thank you in advance. 

Glad to hear this worked for you!




In the tree view you have pictured,

  1. 'control click' (for clarity: not related to a PowerApps control, press + hold control key on keyboard  Smiley Happy ) both the HomeNotes group / dropdown and the NotesInput control
  2. With your mouse, hover over either the HomeNotes group or the NotesInput control until the ellipse appears on the right
  3. Select the ellipse > select Group
  4. Rename the group back to HomeNotes (or whatever you want) and reorder it as necessary


Ian, thank you. 

This is awesome, and I appreciate the support!  Have a great day. 

Thanks so much for this!

It's almost 100%. The notes in the email are properly formatted, but unfortunately it doesn't save my notes at all in the OneNote notebook. I've tried choosing 2 different Notebooks from Office365 Groups and on both I get an error message: 

"Sorry it looks like this page was added from another computer and hasn't synced yet. Click here or press ENTER to reload this page" Of course nothing happens when I click there or hit enter. 





It did work for OneNote when I first wrote my answer. But I'm also noticing this problem for both the modified Meet Capture app, as well as the old one with the plain text notes, so it may be an issue with the OneNote connector itself. Thank you for bringing attention to this. I'll investigate further.

Sorry to tag onto this post, but appreciate that this topic has come up, mine is related.  I had this issue and figured there wasn't a fix for it (didn't think about this community yet and I'm short on time to figure it out), so I came up with a work around, but now my notes don't come through to the email to the attendees.


I added a rich text editor, in addition to the notes area (now have two comments sections, one text formatting only and the other rich text formatting).


How do I get that new section added to the powerapp?

@SylvieLet17: I logged a bug for this issue on Friday. Unforunately, I don't have any more information for you, other than when i was reproducing the issue last week, I had a character limit of 1875.. If it was under that, the page would render fine on OneNote, over that, and I would get the issue you discussed. This seems to be new, as I know I've had exports longer than that previously, so it may be worth checking again in the future.

Thank you, to clarify, I've added into the Meeting Capture Power App template, a Meeting Minutes section that is rich text capable.  When it sends the notes to me, there is no Meeting Notes section in the email.  Am I supposed to add or edit something, in order for that to be recognized in the Meeting Notes that are delivered via email? I don't see where I can edit the email template, I've poked around and don't see where to find an email template.

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