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Meeting notes formatting lost in Meeting capture app



When we use the meeting capture powerapp the meeting notes lose their formatting. e.g. the bullet points don't come through (see attached)


Does anyone know how to resolve this?







@sandrus...this is thev same issue, it just depends on if you are using OneNote Online or OneNote 2016. In OneNote Online i see the error, but if I try and open the same notebook using OneNote 2016 i see the "forever" Loading message.

@sandrus @SylvieLet17 @garysu We managed to find a (somewhat unsatisfactory) fix to the issue of the OneNote exports being indefinitely hung:


  • In the OnVisible property of the ConfirmScreen, open up the formula bar and click inside of it
  • Do a text search (ctrl + f) for 
    td colspan='3' style='height:10px;'
  • Once you find it, remove style='height:10px;' from it
  • Try to export a meeting to OneNote as a test.

I'm uncertain what is happening on the OneNote side, but it is no longer rendering the page with this inline style attribute in the <td> element. Once I removed it, I never encountered the issue again.


I wish I had an answer that made sense, hah... Let me know if this doesn't fix the problem for you.

You're a star!

I don't even understand how you figured out this hack but I don't care!

Works great for me. 

Thanks a million!

Not applicable

To edit the email template, go to the WelcomeScreen, then select "OnVisible" from the dropdown. You might want to use an online editor, like, so you can see visually the changes that are being made

Well I almost got excited!


I made the change and it did work in terms of sending the meeting capture to OneNote successfully.


I then made a couple of tweaks to the RichTextControl, totally unrelated to this change and saved and republished this new version. Now, even with the style attribute removed, I still get the same issue on Content not there.


Please try again to work around...I want to be excited again 🙂



Hi Gary,


Talk to me more about the differences between the first (successful) and second (unsuccessful) export attempts. It seems that OneNote may be having trouble rendering certain HTML, so I'm wondering if maybe the text you exported from the RichTextEditor was different between the two attempts, or perhaps you didn't have any text in the first attempt, but did in the second? Trying to gather as much information here as possible since this no longer appears to be a PowerApp or Connector issue, but rather a OneNote issue.

You can see the email that worked in onenote, and the dsecond email that failed. 


I basically was just using quick dummy text in both cases. 


I tried running the app in Teams and then in the standalone PowerApp tool but that didn't make a difference

Thanks Gary. I'll see if I can get this escalated.

Hi all,


I was able to get in touch with the OneNote team on Friday. They are aware of the issue and a fix is soon to be deployed. I will update when it is deployed.




Thanks Ian, 


I really love this app, and I'm interested in getting more of my staff using it. 

Would you be able to share insight on how to add a message into the email export?


I'd like anyone who receives the emailed notes to see something like "These minutes were generated by the "Meeting Capture App", to get access to this app for you and your team, please contact SylvieLet" in the header or footer.

But I'm not exactly sure where in the export script I could throw that in.




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