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Memory leak when opening apps

So It appears that I have found a neat little memory leak in powerapps

powerapps takes about 1GB RAM to run a small app. If I don't close powerapps and open another app, then powerapps does not deallocate the RAM and now takes up 1.5-2GB.
perhaps powerapps does this so that you can re-open the last app that you used very quickly? false. you can keep switching between 2 apps and the RAM keeps increasing and the load times keep getting longer.

To get around this you just have to close out power apps and wait for all of the memory to deallocate.


@ales-savli If what you meant is disk space, you can exit the published app (i.e. click the back button or swipe to the right to go back to the app catalog screen) which will purge the files downloaded with the refresh calls.

Did you read my post? I already know this. I would like to have this app up and running withouth the need to close it. This is a bug and should not just pile up some data in the backend just because I did an update of the source. Or there shoud be a function which could be called to purge data.

is there any update on this?

Nothing...I did not get any reply 😞

Why does it seem the important issues that are raised are given no response? This is a critical issue that needs to be resolved.

My Session ID:

Session ID: 011eaeb3-ac86-4a60-80ba-6748bf359cd6
PowerApps 3.19014.10

I literally choose a Date combobox, going from one date to another to pull new info, and I find after about 10 changes that my memory has gone up by 200MB. What the hell is this? Give us an option to clear all the allocated memory at least.

@xzDan@ales-savli, we are investigating this issue on our side.


For runtime memory, can you double check the following for your apps?:

1. Property optimization app setting is enabled

2. Delay loading app setting is enabled.

Yes they are.

If you want the App ID then tell me and I will send it via PM.

Bumping this in case any progress has been made. 


I do find that editing entries and going back to the list, back to editing is leading to very high RAM increases. I am using automatic refresh for a gallery (delegated) - does this itself cause more usage than manual refreshes? Surely it will only refresh if and when it needs to?

Not applicable

I would also like to bump this and check if any progress was made. We're currently working with a relatively large PowerApps application that starts with around 500M of memory, but amasses to 1.5GB with no signs of dialing back on consumption. It just keeps getting bigger.

Of course not! It's not a bug it's a feature! Cat LOL


It looks like they fu***d somthing up and they cannot just fix it withouth redesigning the whole app.

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