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Model driven app not displaying records which are in Dataverse

Hi there,


I have developed a model driven app and a canvas app, both of which read and write to 3 custom Dataverse tables, with a few flows involved too. These are all working fine on our tenant. In order to deploy this to another tenant I added all of these components to a solution and deployed the solution to the other tenant. The export and import all seemed to work fine (albeit after a few attempts!).


The apps are now visible in the PP app home page in the new tenant and am able to view them etc, as well as being able to view the new tables that came in the solution. When I write to the tables from the apps, I can see the data/new records when I look directly in to the table on the data tab, however when I try to view the records on that particular entity through my model driven app, it appears as though there are no records. It's rather strange as one of the entities are okay to view through my model driven app i.e I can see the records but for the other 2 I can't. 


I'm lost as to what I should be checking next. If anyone has any idea on how to resolve this I would be very greatful 🙂


Many thanks!

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Dual Super User II


On your Model Driven app are you using any filtrations on the views?


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@Mira_Ghaly Mira thanks for your reply. No, I double checked my views to ensure that I wasn't looking at 'inactive' records for examples but the records are not being displayed even when I view 'all records', and this worked fine for me in the original tenant before I deployed it.

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hi did you solve? i have the same problem.. thank's


It could be missing permissions make sure you have the correct security role/permissions to view the tables through the model driven app.


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I am facing a similar issue. I created two model-driven apps for different purposes. Different people access both. A couple of days ago I created a new Main form in one of the apps that are accessed by specific people only. They access the new form and its data but for some people, the default main form is not showing any data. Surprisingly I can see all of it that’s not visible to other users.

In the second app, for all the records there is only one main form. But it has the same problem. I can access all the data but some of the users can’t access any of it. It says "No data available".

It was working fine just a few days ago. Everything was accessible and visible to everyone.
Attaching some screenshots from the app with two forms below showing what I see and what the user sees. It was working just fine a few days ago. 




I've spent the last two days trying to work out the issue but haven't reached anywhere. 
Also, not sure if the information I provided is enough to understand the issue or not so please sing out if there's any other detail I should mention. 
Any suggestions or ideas will be very much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 

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