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Month-view gallery - one column per day

Hi all. With Canvas apps, does anyone know of a way to display a wide month-view calendar with a column for each day and a row for each record for the month (e.g. for a team work roster, or leave roster), and with forward/back buttons to move between months in the view? I've seen examples of this with 7 columns in a gallery for a week view, but haven't found a way to make a 28-31 column gallery for the month view.
I wondered about using a horizontal gallery, with the current date as the default selection, so users would see the next X days on screen, or can scroll left to see previous days. I don't think it would be a good idea to add/remove columns from the database as people come and go, so I'd need to generate a collection for this view, I think. We have several of these types of tables in Excel, and a couple of them would have a vastly improved data-entry experience if I could turn them into Power Apps. I'd like to display the data in a similar format to the Excel sheet if possible, hence this question.
Also, any tips on database design for this type of data? I've used SharePoint Lists for most of my apps, but have recently been using Dataverse for Teams. My concern is that with daily entries for every employee we'd reach the Dataverse for Teams row limit before long. I might be able to justify per-user/app pricing for premium connectors if that would help.

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Advocate I

Hi @GeoffP !


You're asking quite a few different questions, so it's a good idea to be a bit more specific. You could show a screenshot of the calendar layout you're looking for. You seem to have this layout in an Excelsheet somewhere, so perhaps you can show that to demonstrate what you want. I'm sure that'll make it easier to transfer the concept to PowerApps.


Also, you obviously know this, but when you search Youtube for 'powerapps calendar', the first ten results are all pretty good videos to get an idea of how to create a calendar view. 

Nonetheless, we're happy to help you here as well, if you could provide some more info on your actual use case, preferrably with a visual example.


- JBlomberg


PS. Database design is an excellent thing to consider before you're creating the actual app, so that's a great question. The answer to this will also vary based on what you're trying to achieve.

Thanks JBlomberg. You're right that I had some different questions in there. The database design question is secondary here. My main concern is displaying a grid with one row for each person, and one column for each day in a month, as a month view for things like shift rosters.
E.g. This view in Excel to show who's rostered on dayshift (D), nightshift (N), or leave (L)


I think a horizontal gallery could work for our smaller teams where the whole crew is displayed vertically, but some of our teams have 50-60 members and will need vertical scrolling. 

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