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'More' text appearing in Choices field on first form load

I have a screen which loads a specific SP list item into a view or edit form. On the first load for this form the choices type fields always contain an additional 'More' concatenated onto the end of the value for that field.


Nothing fancy driving the field:  Choices([@'Service Catalogue'].'System Type') as an example.


As soon as you leave and reload the screen with the form on it the 'More' disappears, this behavior is the same on the live form as well as in PowerApp Studio.


The only thing that really happens in that navigation is that the data source is refreshed, but the data source is refreshed on app start as well. I've tried forcing the refresh again prior to loading the form screen but behaves the same - it seems consistent to the first load of the form.


Any thoughts on what else to check?

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Super User

Would you mind going a little bit more in to what the more is for? Like is it pulling from sp list and adding like a description, or something, or is it say appending a partial web address to make it full. Assuming more was just a placeholder while you try to solve your problem.  was just playing with one of my forms to see if your issue showed up in mine and it does not. 


I put mine in the forms data card value slot, concatenated the value from sharepoint, added a 0 on to that, then converted it back into a value so it could post that data back into sharepoint. Initial use added 1 0 to end, then submitted that into sp, then I refreshed and number now had 2 extra 0's tacked on which means it definitely is keeping its concatenate function as intended. 




let me know if it helped at all or more info on what happens on your side

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Thanks for reply, I wasn't very clear about what I actually wanted it to do!


The field should just contain the value (which is being pulled from a sharepoint list) as you can see in the bottom screenshot. I have no idea where the 'More' is coming from, there's nothing configured on those list columns that would cause that. I can only assume it's related to the fact that they are all complex fields like choice or people.


All I need to do is reload the screen with the form and they all disappear, which is what I want. But I can't work out what it is that makes the 'More' appear in the first place...

Could you possibly open you sp list and share with us the exact settings of the column it is pulling from, and perhaps an example one complete item stored there so I can try to recreate it on my side to see what it is that is happening

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Sure, they're all pretty standard choice or people fields with no real additional config on the list side. Here is the column settings for one of the example columns above:


And this is how the fields in the example above appear in the data source:


So I can only assume it's something in the Form config for opening a choice field in view mode. Perhaps something to do with using a single Form for view, edit and new modes depending on context...? 

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Super User

I have recreated your list item format for the column exactly as yours is set up on a test sp list i have. 

See below screenshots and also sample code. I am able to select an item name from a dropdown list, it is then populated into my edit form as intended, but without the more text. check that your code for the controls is similar to mine, otherwise not sure what's wrong because issue is not occurring for me it is also edit/view combined based on input of checkbox 😕


DefaultMode for form is


Item is (testval is form dropdown selection below)



Text of my box that displays system type result is (using label, tried with this in default of a text input box and that worked same as well)



Onchange of my dropdown is 



and checkbox, is just a plain old checkbox




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Thanks, yeah I can only assume it's something to do with the first fetch of the data from the Sharepoint list when it's passed an ID on the screen load... Haven't been able to isolate it or re-create it outside of this specific solution!

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