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Multilevel Relationships


I'm currently building a canvas app that has the following dataverse entities:







The relationships are as follows,

Project 1->* Reports 

Report 1->* Defects

Report 1->* Safety 


The app begins by allowing the user to select a project that's already been created. The user then fills out the "report" form. Then they can add defects and safety items through those respective forms. I also need to be able to display the defects and safety items back to the user.


I am currently trying to achieve this by capturing the project record through a dropdown box that the user selects, auto filling the lookup column on the report form with the record selected from the dropdown, and then capturing the last submit of the report form to link the defect or safety item to the report through their lookup columns. However, when I try to fill a gallery with the defects or safety items associated with a report using `reportForm.lastsubmit.Defects` the behavior of the gallery is unpredictable, and only displays the correct information after I type in the formula but doesn't update when I add items. In Dataverse it seems that all the relationships are being filled out appropriately but I cant find a way to display the safety or defect items associated with a report properly. 


I'm aware that there may not be native support for multilevel relationships but they are a requirement for our project and I was hoping that capturing the record at each stage and traversing one at a time would function as a workaround. 


Please let me know if there is a solution to this issue. 


Also, would this be possible to achieve in a model driven app? I was able to achieve this functionality in SharePoint lists by filtering ID's on the front end but this seemed resource intensive and sort of hacky, we are transitioning to dataverse for the relational capabilities and storage capacity but experiencing this issue makes me wonder if dataverse is really compatible with the normalized tables we are using. 



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What you are referring is called multiple cascading. You can refer the below video to do the same

Request you to please subscribe the video 🙏

If you further need some help please feel free to ping me.

Thank you for the response but I don't believe that's what I'm looking for. 


The data structure is basically a tree where each node is a table. The root node is a project table where a single entry that represents a project can be connected to multiple entries in a report table (one to many), which can then be connected to multiple entries (one to many) in a defect and/or safety table. I then need to be able to display the one to many defects or safety items associated with a report based on the selected report. The problem is that as I traverse the schema through dataverse relationships, I'm getting unpredictable behavior from the galleries. 



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