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Multiple Attachment Controls Form

Hello everyone,

I wanted to create a similar form as the one that Mr. @RezaDorrani presents in one of his videos: . So I wanted to leverage different attachment controls that end up in the same SharePoint list through SubmitForm() action. And this is what it looks like: MicrosoftTeams-image.png

 The Submission worked perfectly and I was able to give the idea to my users that they were able to submit files in different windows while still having them all grouped up in one Sharepoint list item. 


The problem and the question that I have is what if I want them to also edit this item with the attachments that they have submitted?
The app also has a gallery that fetches the records from my list and filters it by user.() When they choose the record they are redirected to the Form screen that is now on EditMode and not on NewMode and there they can see the attachments that they submitted for the specific item. So far so good, but when I am testing it and I make a change on the attachments (delete them, replace them etc.) and then hit the Submit button again, it won't work. Meaning the SubmitForm wont change the records neither in my App or in the Sharepoint list as I would expect it to (it doesn't override the existing record). 

Any ideas why? And how I could resolve this? Because other than that the solution works perfectly for what I need.

Thank you for your time and thanks to Mr. Dorani for his video, I suggest you all watch it as it is very interesting.

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Super User

Hi @Manos_P ,

Without going into the customisation you have done on the Attachment function in your new form, if you want existing attachments to be able to be deleted (or more added), you need a standard, unaltered attachment control. This should not be difficult - just add a second item and make it visible in Edit Mode and hidden in New mode and the reverse for the modified item.


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Hello @WarrenBelz , thank you for your reply and I am sorry for the late response. The truth is I had abandoned this idea when I saw it did not work the way I wanted it to. 
In the example that I presented above copied from mr. @RezaDorrani  I am leveraging collections. So for every attachment control there is a button that is selected (hidden) on the drop file etc. to create the collection as it is supposed to be, and on the final attachment control are the consolidated attachments. The button "Submit Form" is submitting the form into my Sharepoint List (my data source). 

What I want is actually much simpler but I still dont know how to achieve it.

I want to have multiple attachment controls that my users will be able to upload different kind of attachments and these attachments after the submission of the form to be consolidated into my Sharepoint List item in the default column called attachments. Similarly when they edit that same item leveraging a gallery screen I want them to be able to delete attachments that they previously submitted that are not placed in that Sharepoint list column or even override them. 
I managed to do the first part but not the second one, at least in my case nothing is happening when I edit my attachment controls (adding new files, deleting previous ones etc.) and then use the Submit form button. 

This is what I am trying to figure out, and I have tried both with collections like mr. Dorrani did and without collections - meaning simple attachment controls all with the same Sharepoint list item. 


I am now trying to pick up this project again as it seems the only way to achieve what we want in my team's project and any help regarding to this is really appreciated. 


Thank you again for the response and your time!

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Hello to all again. 


Still haven't managed to solve this. If anyone knows a way to create multiple attachments boxes into a Form and then submit it and create a Sharepoint list item with all these attachments together, it would be great. The idea is even if these attachments end up in the attachment column of a Sharepoint list at least I can give my App Users the impression that they are submitting different files (that's why I need the multiple attachment boxes) so I can have one for Excel, one for PDF one for PPT for example. 

Thank you.

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