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Multiple If Statements to disable button

I have a page that has some yes no choices but they are not all shown and only visible depending on a dropdown selection from the previous screen.


I have the next button disabled currently if the values are no and the signature box has no pen input using the below formula and it works well.

DataCardValue53.Value && DataCardValue54.Value && DataCardValue55.Value && DataCardValue56 && DataCardValue57.Value && Form2.Valid && Varsigcheck = DriverSig.Image,


I want to change this to be if the datacard is visbible and toggle value is yes - the next button is in edit mode

but if its not visible ignore it.


I tried to add an or & and statement but i cannot seem to get it to work,

If(Or('Dock Side Saftey_DataCard1'.Visible = true && DataCardValue2.Value = true And 'Dock Side Saftey_DataCard1'.Visible = false && DataCardValue2.Value = false) true, false)


How can i make this work?


Thanks in advance



Advocate I
Advocate I

This is very confusing.

In your first example you have a bunch of datacards and DisplayMode logic.

Then you say you want to change it, but in the second, you have a bunch of different datacards and boolean logic.

And what do you mean by "ignore it"?  

What happens if the card is visible but the toggle is off?


Maybe take a screenshot, or draw something that shows the behaviour you're looking for, then we can figure out the logic you need.


Frequent Visitor

Hi @WannaBePro  Sorry if i was not clear, i am quite new to this.


Yes the first formula works for the whole page - if all of the toggles have value yes and the signature box has pen input the 'next page' button is in edit mode


The second formula is my attempt at the formula for one data card. 

so lets ignore my attempt and start from scratch.


I have up to 20 data cards with yes/no values

never will all data cards be visible


so I would like my formula to instruct -


Any data cards that are visible must show a yes value 


signature box must have a pen input (Varsigcheck = DriverSig.Image)

ignore - (the datacard value does not have any impact on the next button)

the no value on any data card that is not visible


I do not have screen shots right now as I am on my mobile.


Has that made my issue a bit clearer?

Frequent Visitor

Managed to sort this i used a large if statement to check each data card and put an or in there to ignore it if it was not visible. 


Display mode = If(
('Site Specific Induction_DataCard3'.Visible=true && DataCardValue53.Value || 'Site Specific Induction_DataCard3'.Visible=false) &&
('PPE Comliance_DataCard2'.Visible=true && DataCardValue54.Value || 'PPE Comliance_DataCard2'.Visible=false) &&
('Local SSOW Issued or Availble_DataCard2'.Visible=true && DataCardValue55.Value || 'Local SSOW Issued or Availble_DataCard2'.Visible=false) &&
('Local Site Hazard Recognition_DataCard1'.Visible=true && DataCardValue56.Value || 'Local Site Hazard Recognition_DataCard1'.Visible=false) &&
('Local Fire & First Aid Points Located_DataCard1'.Visible=true && DataCardValue57.Value || 'Local Fire & First Aid Points Located_DataCard1'.Visible=false) &&
('Dock Side Saftey_DataCard1'.Visible = true && DataCardValue2.Value || 'Dock Side Saftey_DataCard1'.Visible=false) &&
(Course1_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue3.Value || Course1_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course2_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue4.Value || Course2_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course3_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue5.Value || Course3_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course4_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue6.Value || Course4_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course5_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue25.Value || Course5_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course6_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue26.Value || Course6_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course7_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue30.Value || Course7_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course8_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue31.Value || Course8_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course9_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue32.Value || Course9_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course10_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue33.Value || Course10_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course11_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue34.Value || Course11_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course12_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue35.Value || Course12_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course13_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue37.Value || Course13_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course14_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue45.Value || Course14_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
(Course15_DataCard1.Visible = true && DataCardValue46.Value || Course15_DataCard1.Visible=false) &&
Varsigcheck = DriverSig.Image,

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