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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Multiple "buggy" issues in Power Apps

Just over the last two days I have run into some weird issues in Power Apps:

  1. One control, with visibility based on the user employee number, is not visible like it should be to the users. I copied and pasted the control, and the copied version IS visible. Other controls with the exact same formulas have no issues.
  2. One of the galleries in our app doesn’t retain the selected status of a record. What I mean is, you select it, it briefly “selects” and then immediately unselects. We have 3 separate versions of the same app and all 3 exhibit the same issue in the studio. One that has an older publish date works fine…but not when you look at it in the studio. Other galleries in the app, with the same functionality, don't exhibit the issue.
  3. We have a separate app which includes a gallery that appears empty for some users, while others have no issues and can see the content. Permissions to data source and app are identical for all of the users.

For all of these cases, no errors are presented.

Regular Visitor

Hi @dnourie . 

I have some questions to you:


1. What web browser are you and other users using to Edit and to use that APP?

2. Did you make some big change in your data sources (like changing from SQL Table to a SQL View)?

3. The related issues occur only when you hit play in Power App Studio (Web Editor)?

4. Did you use any variable to control elements visibility that does not exists in one of the 3 versions explained?


After your response I think we will continue our investigation!




Samyr Moises


Hello @samyrmoises , thank you for the quick reply.

1. I primarily use Chrome and Edge to edit the app. I used Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer to troubleshoot the issues. All browsers had the same issues. I also cleared the cache on each browser.

2. No changes were made to data sources.

3. I usually use the play button in the web editor, but the issue occurs when I use alt, and also when I publish the app and use that version.

4. I use variables to control visibility, and all 3 apps are identical in that regard. Also, the portions of the app that are glitchy have not been revised recently.

Hi @dnourie .


Could it be a power apps issue? maybe! But to certify I would appreciate to see your screen and try to help you somehow!


But, to do not lose the thread, share your apps with sample data (if possible) and then I can try to check whats is going on....

Hello @samyrmoises ,

Unfortunately, I am not able to share my screen with anyone outside of my org, due to confidentiallity concerns. However, I have just identified the source of the strange behavior in my gallery. When I deleted this formula from the "Default" property of the gallery, the gallery stopped unselecting:

LookUp(<SharePoint List>,<Variable> = <SharePoint List Field>)
As I stated, this gallery continues to work in the published version of the original app, but no longer works in the new duplicate versions. Something must have changed in how Power Apps handles this..




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