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Navigate back to selected EditForm after submitting data.


I really need som help w my App.

I've built a 5 screen app and can't figure out how to submit my basic user data and after that in the same button (command) return after submitting the data to the Editform. The data saves ok to the register but returns to the wrong post. I need something like (I'm soo bad at the formulas):
SubmitForm(EditForm1);; Navigate(EditForm1)

"want to navigate back to the same screen and same EditForm from where I saved my data"


This formula did save my data but returned back to wrong register post:





I can't figure out how to write a formula that picks out and navigate back to the selected post in the Gallery like:


Navigate(OSchemaTestOne;BrowseGallery1.Selected;FylliForm1)  where FylliForm1= the EditForm I submit the data from. 


Does this make sense? Please help!


Regards Michael

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Hi Michael in the form you are submitting, there are on success and on failure actions. Within these, add you navigate function. 


i.e. on success = Navigate(my other screen, none)


like this when you submit the form using the submitform function, if it succeeds in submitting to the data source it will then navigate to your other screen

Hi again. Thanks for the respons.


I still have the problem.. the command takes it back to wrong EditForm.


How can I get the App to return to the selected EditForm post in BrowsGallery?




Hi again

I’ll try ty explain my problem a little bit better.

I have this StartScreen (BrowseScreen1) w the register linked to a Sharepoint list.

It goes to DetailScreen1 where I can see the data in the object

When I push the Newobject button it opens 5 different forms for the 5 different input screens.
and navigates to the first EditScreen1 and in to the Editmode for the form (FylliForm1)

The formula:

NewForm(FylliForm1);;NewForm(FylliForm1B);;NewForm(FylliForm2);;NewForm(FylliForm3);;NewForm(FylliForm4);;NewForm(FylliForm5);; Navigate(FylliForm1; ScreenTransition.None)

Here I put in the basic data like user, title, date etc..

I’m now in Editmode of my first form FylliForm1;

How can I from here save/submit the data into the register and after this successful save navigate

directly back into this particular FylliForm1 on EditScreen1?

When I use this command: SubmitForm(FylliForm1) and use

OnSuccess: Navigate(FylliForm1;ScreenTransition.None)

It saves the data successfully but takes me back to a different register post’s FylliForm1
(one that has been saved a long time before)
I need a formula that takes me back to the one I submitted data from w the Navigate command..

I don’t know how to combine my command so it finds the BrowseGallery1.Selected I’m currently working with.

Does this make sense to you guys?

Please advice..

Best regards Michael



From here I would like to navigate to my 5 other EditScreens and collect data from 5 different topics.

It seems like I have to save my first FylliForm1 to the register so I can use the Patch command

I bet the problem is the Item property for the Form. What is it set to? 


My guess is you have it set  to Gallery1.Selected. And after you are submitting your form the first time PowerApps is refreshing your gallery. So the selected item is different. That is why you are seeing an old item.


What you can do is when they select an item in the gallery capture the ID to a variable. Now set the Form to Item to be Lookup(DataSource, ID = variableID)


Problem solved. 🙂 

Shane - Microsoft MVP, YouTube, and PowerApps Consulting for when you are in a bind to get this fixed quickly. And finally we now have PowerApps Training

Your'e totally right.. the Item property was set to BrowseGallery1.Selected.

I looked at your variabel video but couldn't find out how to capture the ID to a variable.

What is the formula to do that? I'm unfortunate still a newbie to this. I'm very grateful for your help.


In the Gallery for OnSelect: Set(variableID, Gallery1.Selected.ID)



Shane - Microsoft MVP, YouTube, and PowerApps Consulting for when you are in a bind to get this fixed quickly. And finally we now have PowerApps Training

It didn't work as I hoped for.. please see my continuing problems.. attached a pdf w pics so the text below is easier to understand.



Formula for BrowseGallery1 (OnSelect): Set(variableID; BrowseGallery1.Selected.ID)

+ - button (OnSelect)    (opens Forms for my 5 other input screens):

NewForm(FylliForm1);;NewForm(FylliForm1B);;NewForm(FylliForm2);;NewForm(FylliForm3);;NewForm(FylliForm4);;NewForm(FylliForm5);; Navigate(FylliForm1; ScreenTransition.None)


Takes you to:   EditScreen1; FylliForm1

Red Submit-Button Formula:   “     SubmitForm(FylliForm1)    “


OnSuccess property for FylliForm1     (don’t know if this is correct)

“    Navigate(FylliForm1;ScreenTransition.Cover)    “


Item Property of FylliForm1    (something missing in the Formula below??)

“    LookUp(OSchemaTestOne; ID = variableID)   “


After pressing the Red Submit button nothing shows anymore… before I got at least the wrong object back ☹😊

Swedish message below: “No object to show”

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