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Need A Lot of Baby Help With This...SQL Server, Date Picker and Details Card

Hi All


In the past I have made some very basic PowerApps with a lot of help from this community.  I want take a moment to thank all of you for that.


I am sorry I find the whole PowerApps platform counter intuitive to my mind and I really struggle with it.  I have tried the training and used a fair amount of youtube help, been to the app in a day training and I still struggle with this.  I think its because I am starting from an on premise SQL Server rather than something simpler to apply.  Either that or I am trying to apply steps to stuff beyond what a beginner may normally be expected to apply.


What I am wanting to do.


I have a view in SQL that lists purchase orders and purchase order details.


I made a simple PowerApps so my team can see from their phone what I have ordered for them.  That works fine.  


The way the view works is if the job is open it shows all items I have ordered for the job.  Once the job closes the order is no longer displayed.  This works fine and for the majority of the purpose is appropriate.


However the view also displays stock orders.  And unlike job orders Stock never closes.


I thought it would be pretty good to add a date picker to the details screen so the person viewing the record in powerapps could mark the item as received.  This would then update via the view and I could then code the view to remove received items.


To do this I added a datacard to the display form



Within ReceiveDate_DataCard1 I inserted a date picker I called the date picker dtReceived, then changed the data card to make it editable.


Within ReceiveDate_DataCard1 I have set the data field to ThisItem.ReceiveDate


I would have thought thats all I need to do.  However on testing I am getting the date saving within the PowerApps during design work, meaning I update ReceiveDate_DataCard1 in the date picker to say 2nd of July it shows 2nd even after I close and reopen it.  However when I go to SQL and look the date is still Null on SQL.


How do I tie the date picker date back to ReceiveDate in the SQL view?  What setting do I need to apply where and more importantly why am I applying this setting?  Sorry if this is a bit unclear I am trying to make it clear.  Here are some screen shots if more helpful than my bad explanation:


Details CardDetails CardDate PickerDate Picker


Please ask questions if need to clarify?




Super User III
Super User III

Hi @dynamictiger 

The most important aspect is the Update property of the card containing the control.  It should be something like ReceiveDate_DataCard1.SelectedDate 


Thanks Drrickryp.


I think this is where I am getting tied up.  The screen is the default detail screen.  The card doesnt seem to offer an update option.  Do I need to build a new screen or change the card or...?


It needs to be an edit form on the screen


Sorry if this is a bit simplistic but adding an edit form opens up all the record to edit.  I only want date received updated.


is there an alternative way using detail form and a button for example?

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