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Need help in saving selected gallery items in my list


Hi! I was following the tutorial on handling the multi-select patterns by Vasavi Bhaviri Setty on and succeeded in creating a form with 2 dropdowns(Machine & Frequency of maintenance) that give options for users to fill out the maintenance record for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually checklist using checkboxes depending on their choice.

I created a formula for the Gallery Items to filter how the checkboxes will be displayed using ---. Filter(ActivityCodes,ID in Filter(ActivityCodes,MID=MachineDropdown.Selected.Id && FID=FrequencyDropdown.Selected.Id ).ID).Title --

to display the title of the checkboxes coming from my ActivityCodes list and it is working whenever the dropboxes were changed.



The form was based on LineActivities list and I have no problem saving the Machine info in that list. 
My only problem is how to save the data into my MachineCheckPoints list which basically saves the items in iteration using ForAll

  • ID – Integer(auto-generated)
  • MachineCPID- Integer
  • MachineActID- Integer
  • ItemsChecked– Text

I could not figure it out why I cannot pass the  MachineActID and ItemsChecked from the Gallery Items and saved it. 

I am stuck with 
ForAll(Filter(Gallery6.AllItems,Checkbox6.Value = true), Patch( MachineCheckPoints, Defaults(MachineCheckPoints),{ MachineCPID:EditForm1.LastSubmit.ID,MachineActID:BrowseGallery1.Selected.ID,ItemsChecked: Title}));

but it is not saving the data in my MachineCheckPoints list. 
What is the correct way to capture the checked Gallery items and get the gallery ID's and save into my MachineCheckPoints list?.  Also is there a way that I can save the gallery items(titles) in one column of my LineActivities list? Is it possible?

Here's the screenshot of my EditForm1 onSuccess



Can you tell me what is wrong with my app?

Helper V
Helper V

Re: Need help in saving selected gallery items in my list

Please first share the example of the 2 data sources that you used. Not sure which one has what columns.

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Re: Need help in saving selected gallery items in my list

See attached LIsts/Tables I used to display the dropdowns and the gallery item. For the 2 dropdowns i used Machine and Frequency Lists. I then created the Activity Codes to display the Gallery Items in the form using LineActivities as the base list.







Helper I
Helper I

Re: Need help in saving selected gallery items in my list



Did you manage to solve this problem?


I have the same difficulty, could you share me your solution.

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