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Helper II
Helper II

Need help to set combo box value with a button

Hi all,

I'm new to powerapps and dataverse, and i have run into a problem that i feel like i have used too much time on now.
In my powerapp I'm trying to use the SET and LOOKUP function to set a value in a combo box via a press of a button. The Combo box is connected to a dataverse form. The dataverse table is connected in the powerapp.

The thing i tried was:
Button(OnSelect): Set(Var,LookUp(DB, columnName = "Bla Bla"))
Combo Box(DefaultSelectedItems): Var
But here i get the "These types cant be compared: DB, text"

Then i tried this function:
Button(OnSelect): Set(Var,LookUp(DB,"Bla Bla" in columnName))
Combo Box(DefaultSelectedItems): Var
 I get the runtime error: Server Response: DB failed: No function signature for the function with name 'contains' matches the specified arguments. The function signatures considered are: contains(Edm.String Nullable=true. Edm.String Nullable=true).

Here is a little info box:
Var = Just a variable
DB = Table name
columnName = Table column name
"Bla Bla" = Combo box option

Let me know if anything is unclear - Thanks!


Accepted Solutions
Helper II
Helper II

I found this to fix my problem:

Set(var, LookUp(Choices('Collumn(DB)'),Value = 'Collumn (DB)'.'choiceName'))

Thank you for time @WarrenBelz  

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Super User
Super User

Hi @RealMABN ,

You have not provided the Items of the Combo Box, however the DefaultSelectedItems need to reflect that it contains a Table and for example if the output was MyComboName.Selected.Value and the column MyField was a Text column, then the DefaultSelectedItems would be

{Value: ThisItem.MyField}

If MyField was a Choice field then

{Value: ThisItem.MyField.Value}


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Hi WarrenBelz,

Thank you for your answer,

I'm a little unsure about your solution, becuase how do i connect the function from my button to the combo box?
 I have also this to add:
Normally would the combo box have [Parent.Default] in DefaultSelectedItems and in items Choices(DB)

I also just checked the collumn and it is a YES/NO data type because it only has two options.

Thanks again

@RealMABN ,

You still have not provided the Items of the Combo Box - or is it Choices(Db) - that and the fields and type (and name) you are writing to determines the DefaultSelectedItems - can you please provide both of these.

The Items for the combo box is just Choices(DB) where DB is the table name
Collumn setting for the combo box:
Type = Custom
Data type = Yes/NO
Required: Yes

I made a mistake when i choose the data type for the collumn who has the combo box and ended up with the default YES/NO which i just changed to fit my two options. I dont know if that changes anything 🙂

Hi @RealMABN ,

That is confusing - your Items  should refer to a column, not a table and Choices needs to be a Choice or Lookup field.


and why are you writing a combo box back to a Boolean (Yes/No) field with a Text value?  I honestly have no idea what you are trying to achieve,

Hi @WarrenBelz 

Sorry but I'm new to powerapps and dataverse table, i just want to create an app where I can change the value of a input(fx combo box) which can represent the collumn in a form. The data can then be submitted to a table in a dataverse. I have setup all the connection and collumns I'm just not sure how which input would be the best for change a two value option with a button and how to do it right. 🙂

Thanks again


That really does not clarify it any better. I am not a Dataverse user (it is good to state your data souce in your post), but a combo box would normally require a Choice (option set in Dataverse) field to interact with.

Hi @WarrenBelz 

Sorry that i didnt calify enough that i was using Dataverse. 

Do you think the code would work if i changed the choice option from a combo box to a drop down box?
And is there something that i need to be aware of when i change a input in a form like this? 🙂

Thanks again

Helper II
Helper II

I found this to fix my problem:

Set(var, LookUp(Choices('Collumn(DB)'),Value = 'Collumn (DB)'.'choiceName'))

Thank you for time @WarrenBelz  

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