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Nested Galleries and Transposed Data to generate an editable table in Powerapps canvas.

To start with let me give a little backstory about the data I'm working with. The data I'm using has over 100 columns in it, I already created an editable table in powerapps that can handle this data, the issue comes in when an end user wants to add a column or delete a column from the source data. My solution in mind is to capitalize on Horizontal Galleries and transposed data to generate the records accordingly. If this works it would also be a lot better as far as resource usage goes and keep the app working quickly. So the Issue at hand is that I can have a Gallery based on the original data to bring up all available records, but I need to then filter the Horizontal column to display the transposed data accordinly. The idea of using transposed data and a horizontal gallery is as you know each generated item in a gallery is a new record, so if all of one item is stored in one column then each record shift will be another piece of data from the original record allowing me to generate the data horizontally. The issue comes to associating the record in the vertical gallery to the column being generated in the horizontal gallery and then moving down the vertical gallery I need to pick the next column to generate. So my question about this is what type of filter could take a record from an original source and then pull up information from a specific column in the transposed data to render the horizontal records accordingly.

Here's an idea of what how it would work but I can't figure out how the filtering would work for the nested gallery, but each record of the parent gallery would relate to one column of the nested gallery, and the nested gallery would display records horizontally until all records are displayed.


Record IDHorizontal Generation c = Column r= record          


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hello @nBow 


Here's a short demonstration recorded of how your idea might work.


Here's the code for the horizontal items:

    {colName: ThisItem.Lot_Number, colBackground: RGBA(200,200,200,1)},
    {colName: ThisItem.NrPacks,colBackground: RGBA(200,200,0,1)},
    {colName: ThisItem.'Actual Weight',colBackground: RGBA(200,200,200,1)},
    {colName: ThisItem.Sealed.Value, colBackground: RGBA(200,200,200,1)}


Just in case my response helped you solve your problem, please mark/accept this as a SOLUTION This helps community members if they experience a similar issue in the future.


🕸  🐦 @cha_bistek  📺 @BisTekSpace 

Just in case you my answer helped you solve your problem, please mark/accept this as a SOLUTION This helps community members if they experience a similar issue in the future.   @cha_bistek    @BisTekSpace 

Thank you for the response and video! I'm going to try to apply this solution to my app today, lets hope I can get it working.

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