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Network error when using Patch function: The specified column is read-only and can't be modified in Editable Grid

Hi all,


I have a PowerApp that uses the basic structure of Reza Dorrani's @RezaDorrani Editable Grid ( with some extra customizations. I have an editable grid gallery that users fill in dropdown values to and hit a Save button to save the filled in data to a SharePoint list. The users can add new rows and also update existing rows in the grid, then hit save and patch new rows and updates to existing rows to that SP list. I am running into a strange Runtime Error that states " Network error when using Patch function: The specified column is read-only and can't be modified " when the Save button is selected, but ONLY SOMETIMES, and it does not prevent the actual saving to SP or the in app visual changes being reflected. If the user gets this error and simply continues on with using the app, they will not get the error again and no actual issues occur. I've tried a bunch of things but nothing can seem to prevent this error from happening to users occasionally.


Save button OnSelect code that is highlighted in red when the error occurs:

Patch(SPListName, UpdateIf(collectionName, 'Created Date'=Blank(), {ID: Blank()}));

Where SPListName = my SP List, collectionName = the collection that the Gallery displays and that users edit the values of by interacting with the gallery, 'Created Date' = my SP List Created field, I just modified the name to Created Date, and ID = the SP ID field. What this is saying is that if the row is NEWLY added to the Power App gallery, 'Created Date' will be blank because it has not yet been saved to SP yet, so it needs its SP ID field blanked before it gets saved to SP and assigned a 'Created Date' and correct ID value. Else, it will get an out-of-order ID assigned and mess up the SP ID field. Otherwise, the row exists in SP already and the user is simply making an update to it. 


I have tried calling the SP field Created rather than 'Created Date', since the original name of the SP field is Created, and it is referred to as Created in the collection. This did not help and I got the same errors during the same circumstances.


Here is a screenshot of my collection collectionName with the two relevant fields, Created and ID.  In this example, my collection has 4 rows, 3 of which exist in SP already and one of which is a newly added row to the editable grid (highlighted in yellow). The user is able to either edit the existing rows and hit save, add a new row, fill it in, and save, or a combination of those actions when they hit the Save button. As you can see, the Created field is blank for the newly added row and the ID field is 1. The Patch recognizes the blank Created field and then blanks out the ID field so instead of saving to SP with an ID of 1, SP generates its correct ID when its saved to the SP List.

Created Collection SS.PNGSP ID collection ss.PNG


Here's how my SP Created field is named. Sorry if redundant, I'm just at my wits end. With this, the original name and the name reflected in the URL is Created rather than Created Date.

created date column sp.PNG




The error is occurring in both of the possible saving situations - newly added row not yet in SP, fill it in, hit Save AND existing row, make change(s) in the gallery, hit Save, as well as when the two are done at the same time then the Save button is hit. I cannot discern any real pattern or trigger other than it seems to happen once initially for users and then not again unless they would exit the browser and reopen the app again. I've also read a million posts regarding this and cannot find something that matches this situation.



Thanks so much in advance!!!

Helper I
Helper I



I have the same issue here , have you found any solution please ?

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