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Helper III

New & Edit Button not working in Modern View

Hey everyone,

A lot of our SharePoint lists have stopped working suddenly. The New and Edit buttons basically do nothing when clicked.


What they have in common is they are a power app form. Oddly, the buttons work without issue if I manually type the URL in the browser or switch to classic mode.


It's also not all power app forms, only the ones that have a sql connection, when I check the SQL connection they do show as connected though. I am stumped and even Microsoft can't figure it out. Has anybody seen this before?


In our case the issue appears to be related to non-supported column types. The site owner created an Integer column type using the SharePoint REST API instead of creating a Number column type through the list UI. We are now trying to find out if we can easily convert the column type from Integer to Number. The SharePoint support person said that the Location column type could cause the same issue.


I would recommend reviewing your column types and if they all look good then open a ticket with PowerApps support team and they pull in the SharePoint support team if needed like they did in our case.

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Just tried your solution and it works a treat... BUT SharePoint/Powerapps peeps really need to find a solution ... losing confidence in the products.

btw Do you have a solution for removing dates from fields on powerapps forms. Currently after a date is selected it cant be removed via the form ... you can choose a default eg 1/1/1970 but thats not very elegant

@jb007  , @WC-KSTILL , @AlecMaly  , @edgar3tres  , @Anonymous and anyone else with the issue,


We had the same problem with a list and the New/Edit/View buttons not working and "Custom Forms" wasn't showing as an option under the PowerApps button. I opened a Premier Support ticket and worked with support to debug the issue. In our case it turns out the issue is with the list template the List was created from. We have some lists that were created from the "Issue Tracking" and "Tasks" template and at the time we were able to create the PowerApps custom forms and everything worked fine.


It turns out those list templates don't support modern and we were never suppose to be able to create a PowerApps custom forms for that list. See response below for more details. For those of you having similar issues with the buttons not working check and see which list template your list is based on. 100 is Generic List Template (Site Contents > New > List). You can find the list template ID by going to the page source of the list settings page and searching for the variable g_wsaListTemplateId.


Example: "var g_wsaListTemplateId = 1100" (1100 is the Issue Tracking Template).

List of Server Templates


Here is the response I received from SharePoint Support:

Unfortunately you were able to create PowerApps custom forms on these lists as a result of a bug. Since these lists don't have a modern component they're not eligible to have a customized form with PowerApps. Moving forward we'll be working to ensure there aren't any gaps that might allow you to unknowingly fall into an unsupported scenario such as this. Our sincerest apologies you fell into this situation.


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My lists were created via excel's export table functionality... so it appears both templates and excel created lists are at risk

Thanks for that detailed information, very helpful.  I checked, and my list where the new/edit button failed (and PowerApps integrated form would not launch) was ID = 120.  It does not appear to be a task or issue tracking list, but maybe it was created by some other means (from Access, etc.) that gave it ID 120 instead of 100.  In fact, I created this list by saving another list as a template, then using that template (without the contents) to create the current list.  The original list was also ID = 120.


I checked one of my normal lists (without a PowerApps form), and it was ID = 100, and the new/edit buttons worked as expected.

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@Jeff_Thorpe @WC-KSTILL @AlecMaly @jb007 @Runner55552 


I had a similar, but slightly different result. My list was based on the Contacts template (105):




Apparently, Tasks list, Issue Tracking lists and Contacts lists were all developed for the Classic experience only.


Here is the response I got from MS O365 Support:


This is to inform you that the list templates: Task list, Issue tracking list and Contact list are not compatible with PowerApps integration as their functionality is as per the classic experience and that doesn't support editing using PowerApps.


There was a small change made at start of this year 2019 that made most of the lists and libraries work in Modern Experience by default that included task list, issue tracking list and contact list as well. However, the backend functionality of these lists has always been based on classic experience. Therefore this has now been modified and no user (across all tenants globally) would be able to edit the above mentioned lists using custom apps.


We would suggest you to please change the Form Settings to the Default form so that the list can be edited.


So it looks like I need to edit out some confidential information from my contact list so that the default forms don't expose personal data to the whole company. Bummer, but not the end of the world. I believe I will create a secondary list to contain the confidential information, then use a Flow to create a record in that (new) list when the employee is added to the (original) contact list.


Thanks for all of your help on this issue, Jeff!





@Anonymous ,


As a workaround we are recreating our issues list with the generic custom form and then adding the Issues content type to the list to give us all the fields we would normally get with the Issues Template. When we create the list this way we can create a PowerApps custom form and the New/Edit/View buttons launch the custom form without any issues. I downside is that we have to recreate everything and migrate the data to the new list but on the upside we can use the PowerApps custom form.

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New Member

Hi everyone, I am having a similar issue with the 'New' and 'Edit' buttons when using a custom PA form in a SP list. It only started about 2 days ago and at first was intermittent. Refreshing the browser window seemed to occasionally solve the problem. But now the problem is permanent!


However, my problem comes with a twist...the problem only appears when I am using Chrome.


For now, the buttons still work when using IE, Edge or Firefox. This gives me a work around for now but MS really need sort this out.

I’ve become convinced that the problem is linked to the fact that I created my SharePoint list from excel ie using the export to SharePoint function in excel. (A few post have made mention of the problem being linked to lists created via templates ) I have just finished creating a new list in SharePoint from scratch and have copied data from the old (a pain but the only way to remove it as the possible cause). I should also mention that I reverted to using the default SharePoint edit form on my old list as an interim fix  but kept getting complaints from users about failure to save and greyouts .. this was the final straw that convinced me to recreate my list.. I’m in the process of recreating my power apps edit form ... a lot of duplicated work but a great learning experience (says one looking for a positive)

Confirm my issue is in Chrome and not Edge or IE, and this work around works for Chrome

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