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Re: New line in email body

It worked!!!

Thank you so much @OneThing Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New line in email body

Hi guys,


Is there a way to add text and have a field from my app referencing as the body in the email?

Example I want the body to say: "Please see below reason for Failure" and then have the info in my TextInput 4 box showing underneath or at the side of this? Cant work out how to get this without getting red lines underneath!



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Re: New line in email body

Hi @JD2301


Normally you would need to use the & Symbol which Joins the Text and fields together.



"Reason for Failure: " & TextInput4.text


If this doens't make sence then post your code and I can have a look.



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Re: New line in email body

Is this the proper format for multiline email body?



"Item: " & ItemId &

"Status: " & OrderStatus &

"Qty: " & Qty &

"Quality Order: " & QualityOrderId &

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Re: New line in email body

I've had a lot of fun with this particular issue over the last couple of days, as different mail clients seem to respond to mailto links differently...


For example, using the Launch function and including the entire mailto string as a single string parameter seems to work OK for Outlook Desktop App, but Android Apps (on a Samsung Phone) don't seem to like it - Outlook (v4.0.45 - 362) can't understand the subject or recipient, or anything in the body beyond any line feed character, and the Gmail App seems to treat the subject and body strings as a single second recipient...


I found that using the Launch(address, paramaterName1, ParameterValue1, paramaterName2, ParameterValue2...) format seems to work on both Desktop and Android Apps (Outlook and GMail) alike:


Launch("mailto:test@recipient","subject","Email Subject","body","Dear so-and-so, blah blah blah.")


As for the New Line/Carriage Returns, that's another interesting story...

It looks like the Char(13) methods work in the Outlook Desktop App, but the "%0D%0A" only works if you use the single parameter method - trying to include that escape code in a parameter of the Launch() function doesn't seem to work - it just gets displayed as is in the email...


Unfortunately, I could not get either method to work for links opened in the Android Outlook App -

Char(13) is simply ignored, and "%0D%0A" breaks the entire mailto link, with only the body showing (up to the first line break), and not showing the subject or recipient...


I'm wondering if Outlook for Android is automatically stripping out the carriage returns to save screen space...? I seem to remember an option in older versions of Outlook for this sort of thing - be darned if I can find any such option in the current Android outlook App though...



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Re: New line in email body

Just as a follow up - I thought I'd share my extensive testing...



I built this very simple app to test all the different ways of achieving a working Mailto Link using the PowerApps Launch() function.


My Results can be seen below:





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Re: New line in email body

Did you try with  "\n".

I think it also working.

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