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New print function in powerapps - has the issue with sharepoint been resolved

I was so excited when the new print() function came out in powerapps and then immediately was disappointed since I use sharepoint lists.  I read that was why the print was not working. Has there been any resolution?

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You are correct. When building a Custom Form from a SP List there still does not seem to be any way to add the Print function to the form. So frustrating.

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It is and I do not understand why its been this long since print has been released and that its not been addressed

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@dmclaughlin  I agree. Print is actually more akin to print screen. I had to build 3 pages to print a full form. We need paper documentation for legal reasons.
Then I was struggling with aspect ratios. Looked fine in app, but print sizing was off. Wonder if this will help you?

In height property (in the gallery form) 

That way when I print (or convert to pdf) it looks ok.

If(Self.Printing, 2000, 1760)

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Advocate I


I found a pretty good work around for the printing issue on SharePoint lists. As some others already pointed out, you cannot print directly on a SharePoint list. However, there is a way to run the PowerApps form (from SharePoint) without going to the SharePoint site or list itself. When doing so, you can print.


This is what you need to do.

1. Open your PowerApps form on the SharePoint list you use.



2. Click on File and then on “See all versions”



3. Click on “Details” and copy the “App ID” 



4. Copy the link below and your App ID.{your APP ID}&hidenavbar=true


5. Now you should be able to open the PowerApp SharePoint form with this link without the SharePoint list.



At this point you can open the PowerApp, but your form doesn’t have an item to display. To fix this problem you need to add parameters to your link you created on the 4th number.

I assume you have added a print screen on your PowerApp.



6. Go back to your PowerApp and add this code to you "StartScreen" property. You may want to change the screen names according to your own screens on the app. 





    IsBlankOrError(Param("PrintItemID")//the ID number of the Liste Item you want to print
    FormScreen1,//Your screen with the SharePoint form 
    PrintScreen//Screen for printing





7. Use the URL from 4th and add "&PrintItemID={an ID number of your list}" to the end

of the URL. Your App should navigate to the print screen directly.


8. Add a display form to your printsreen. 



9. Add your data source to the form. 

10. Add this code to the item property of the form. 




    {Your Data Source here},
    ID = Int(Param("PrintItemID"))




11. Now add a button or something else to your FormScreen and add this code to the "OnSelect" property. 




Launch("{your APP ID}?hidenavbar=true&PrintItemID=" &SharePointIntegration.SelectedListItemID);Back()




I personally added a timer on the printscreen to press the print button after 0,5 seconds automatically. So you don't need to press any print button. 


In case you want to print directly from the SharePoint list without opening the form you can do this. 


12. Open SharePoint Designer and log in to your list. 

13. Add a Custom Action "List Item Menu" with the name "Print".


14. Select navigate to URL and add the url below. DO NOT REPLACE "{SelectedItemId}" This is how SharePoints adds the ID number to the url{your APP ID}?hidenavbar=true&PrintItemID={SelectedItemId}

15. Do a right click on the list item within SharePoint and you should see the "Print" button.  


Thank you so much. It is a nice work around and worked for me in a single go.

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