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Resolver II
Resolver II

New problem when changing versions

I have an app that basically submits a form from PowerApps to Sharepoint list.

The app has been working well for a while now, but suddenly one of the columns stop populating (the most important one, unfortunately).


It is a multiline text column (pretty simple) that I haven't touched at all. Trying some troubleshooting I removed the "Use enhance rich text..." option and even removed the datacard from the PowerApp form and add it again but nothing seems to work.


Exploring a little bit further, the bug seems to start when the POwerApps version moved from version 3.19074.24 to version 3.19075.21. 


Any help please!




@Anonymous We are striving for "hours".

@KOM_4410 @Powerhungry @gj84uw @Anonymous @Anonymous  Studio version 3.19075.25 has now been deployed to all regions. It contains a fix for the layout and rendering issues being reported. You will need save and re-publish your apps for the changes to take effect. Please remember it can take up to two minutes after publishing for the new version to become available for download. If any issues persist, please let us know! Thank-you for your patience.

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@_Corey_   Not finding any change.  Version changed and published under the new version, but the app still does not function correctly as it did prior to the new version push on Friday. 


Session ID:  019a6b00-4f0e-4372-9d1a-f7bbdf66f03f


BTW it shows its published under 3.19075.25 but when i go to Session details it says PowerApps 3.19073.18.  Why would this be??


Hi, I ended up fixing my original issue by re-creating the form again because I was in a hurry for release. Luckily that worked!


I hope this final fix had solved any future problem.



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I wish I could just simpy Redo the Form to fix it but mine is 200 fields, w an incredible amount of code behind the fields 😞

@Anonymous I don't see any errors in our telemetry for the session ID you provided.  Are you able to provide a copy of your app for us to examine?  You can save it to a shared folder (ex. OneDrive) and provide a link in a private message.  We would just be examing the structure of your app to determine where the layout is failing.  We would not be able to access any of your data.

As for the version number, when you view session details, it gives you the player version and not the published app version.  The two have a slightly different deployment cadence.  However, we probably should be showing both version numbers to avoid any confusion.

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@_Corey_  PM'd you

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@_Corey_  Any update?? This has brought my business operations to a grinding hault.  I get a call yesterday from MS support with vague update that the "internal team is working on a global issue" and then an email from them that i need to clear my "all cookies-cache and republish the app" which i did and served no purpose.....deseperate here!!

Hi @Anonymous, 


If the fix didn't fix your app, it might be possible that your changes from around the same time also impacted your app. You could try to reset to a previous version before the cascading dropdown change and see if that works. If it does, then you probably need to look at your formulas (I'd recommend either resetting to the most recent version again and trying to fix it or "save as" the cascading dropdown version and have both open side-by-side and carefully adding the cascading to the old version). And, if resetting doesn't fix it, then we have a stronger indication that it may be a (possibly separate) product issue.



- Paul C.
Software Engineer on PowerApps

@Anonymous We are continuing to investigate your issue.  I'll keep you posted.

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