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New problem when changing versions

I have an app that basically submits a form from PowerApps to Sharepoint list.

The app has been working well for a while now, but suddenly one of the columns stop populating (the most important one, unfortunately).


It is a multiline text column (pretty simple) that I haven't touched at all. Trying some troubleshooting I removed the "Use enhance rich text..." option and even removed the datacard from the PowerApp form and add it again but nothing seems to work.


Exploring a little bit further, the bug seems to start when the POwerApps version moved from version 3.19074.24 to version 3.19075.21. 


Any help please!



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@Paul_CI did reset to the previous version and it was still not working correctly.   I have an 11AM "screen share" session scheduled with someone from the "internal team". 

@Anonymous My colleague will be on that call. I will try to join as well.

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This has been an issue on and off over the last couple of days for me as well.  Unable to play my App for the last 4 hours.  It appears to have happened with the recent version change to 3.19081.20.  It worked on 3.19075.25 (4 hours ago) but the issue I am having now also happened on 3.19075.21.


I have noticed also that it is taking between 10-15 minutes to load the App in studio for editing (queue elevator music...)


Offering up this information to help resolve what appears to be a wider issue (but would really appreciate it being solved for me too).


Most recent Session ID is 935d3562-7d85-42b7-95ad-64e51d59ca48 (version 3.19081.20)

Having this same issue with the Cascading dropdowns not saving in SharePoint.  Let me know if you have a resolution.





I have escalated with a support ticket.  The App will not play (and hasn't) for the last 3 days now.


I suspect a rogue component or control somewhere that is preventing the App from compiling when it is being published.  Other Apps are working - just this one isn't playing and taking a long to load for editing.


PS - I am not using any cascading dropdowns and running Azure SQL. 

@pHozFoRus Do you have Experimental performance improvements enabled in App settings -> Advanced settings?  If so, can you please try disabling this feature?

@ilanos What is the issue you are experiencing with cascading drop-downs?

The cascading works fine within PowerApps, however, the values are not being saved in the SharePoint list.  This started happening this week.  I havent touched the app in over 5 months.  Im using LogicApps to create the item and send the email for approvals.  All fields are saving in the List except for the Cascading fields.





@ilanos  If you want to provide a network trace in a private message, I can help you determine if the issue is with the app or with SharePoint.



That will be great.  When do you want to connect?



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