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Newbie and need some help setting up a survey

Hey guys,


I am using the employee engagement survey as a template to create a quick survey and I'm a little bit stuck!


I am trying to find out how to name the options in the radio funtion, instead of just 1, 2, 3 etc! First time using PowerApps so any help would be appreciated 🙂

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Hi @Anonymous,


The radio buttons generate options based on the data source. By default, it is connected to RadioSample data source which has two values 1 and 2.



If you want custom options:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Enter your values in table like structure
  3. Format as table (very important PowerApps only takes tables)
  4. Change the table name
  5. Save the excel sheet with any name (excel sheet name not important only the table name matters)



Open PowerApps and go to the data sources (you can find it by clicking on your radio buttons and selecting Content -> Data Sources. On the right-side panel click Add data source, find Add static data to your app Import from Excel. Find your Excel file, select it, it will ask which tables from the sheet you want to import. Select your table.


Select your radio buttons control and in the Items function replace RadioSample with your table name and the options will be there.



I'm also trying to reverse engineer this form but cant figure what formula is required for skip logic. I have 2 radiio buttons yes and no and need to action the following..


If yes selected get 'yes' and add to table

If no selected get 'no' and add to table


Then i have a next button...


When button pressed look up radiio button selected and navigate to screen_no or screen_yes


screen_yes continues survey 


screen_no  asks more questions then continues survey


Total newbie so any help appreciated .



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HI @Spectrumzx
Here is the sample how to implement something like you described:




First on your first screen (Screen 1) have some user input, and Yes/No selection. Create the button which will do the following:

  1. Collect the information user inputted
  2. Decide which screen to go to next.

Here is the formula of the button:

ClearCollect(SurveyData,{Name:TextInput1.Text, RadioQuestion:Radio1.Selected.Value,Additional:"",FinalInfo:""} );

If(Radio1.Selected.Value = "Yes", Navigate(YES_Screen,ScreenTransition.Fade),Navigate(NO_Screen,ScreenTransition.Fade) )


It has two parts. The first one:

ClearCollect(SurveyData,{Name:TextInput1.Text, RadioQuestion:Radio1.Selected.Value,Additional:"",FinalInfo:""} );

Creates a collection which will be used to collect user input locally and after you can push this to your database, SharePoint list, etc. You have to declare all possible variables at this stage (my survey has 4 – Name, RadioQuestion, Additional, and FinalInfo. You will have to put all variables from your survey)

Second part:

If(Radio1.Selected.Value = "Yes", Navigate(YES_Screen,ScreenTransition.Fade),Navigate(NO_Screen,ScreenTransition.Fade) )

Checks if yes or no is selected and brings the user to different page (either NO or YES screen).





NO Screen has one additional input field and the button. Button has the following function:



It also has two parts. First one:


Updates the collection with the value entered into the additional field.


Second part:


Navigates to the YES screen



It has one final field to enter information. Its button has a very similar formula to the NO Screen:




That is pretty much it I have a final screen which just displays all the information entered, you can use it to verify input. Also you can add a button which on action would use Patch() to put the info in CDS, SharePoint list, or excel file.




Hope this helps 🙂



Thanks very much for your reply....really useful info and i'm a little wiser now, however i'm still struggling.


Existing in app before i edit....





Radio Buttons

Items - Filter(Options,QuestionId="4")

On select - If(Radio1_1.Selected.OptionText="Yes",UpdateContext({error_v:false}));UpdateContext({error4_v:false})


Next Button

If(IsBlank(Radio1_1.Selected.OptionText),UpdateContext({error4_v:true}),If(IsBlank(TextInput1.Text) && Radio1_1.Selected.OptionText="No",UpdateContext({error_v:true,error4_v:false}), Navigate(Question_5, ScreenTransition.Fade,{ans4:Radio1_1.Selected.OptionText,reason:TextInput1.Text})))


I know this opens a text input if no is selected but i need to remove this also.


What is the difference in clearcollect and updatecontext if any ?





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Hi @Spectrumzx


Context variables (Update Context) are only available in the current screen and they can not be accessed in another screen (unless you send the context in the Navigate() function).


Collections are global variables and they can be accessed from any screen and reset only when app is closed.


Sorry I did not really get your problem with the button? Maybe some screenshots can help.



original app shots


What im trying to achieve


Thanks for your patience

Sorry...try this link



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