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Helper III

No records in my collection retrieved from an Excel sheet


Hi Community,


I just started to work with PowerApps. Right now I have problems in using the ClearCollect function on a Excel sheet data source. The connection to the data source itself is working, I can see the records in my app. But now I am trying to fill a collection from that Excel sheet data source. That doesn’t work so far, the collection is empty.


This is what I use:






What is going wrong?

Thanks in advance


Cool, so onvisible put the following:




Fingers crossed!


**Edit, you are right there is a Dutch variance I was not aware of... if it doesn't like the above use the following:



Cool that works too 😀

Or better said I must really publish the application and then play it. However in preview modus the button you advised worked. I guess that makes some sense. So I returned to my original code and in steadof trying the preview modus I published an ran the application. Bingo, problem solved.

Thank you once again, you really helped me solving this problem. And you also gave me some more understanding how PowerApps works. 😎

I started off trying to figure these things out myself a year ago so more than happy to help (that said you've helped me out else I could be sending apps to our european partners and probably causing havoc).


If you haven't come across him yet youtube Shane Young he is an absolute legend, or if you are struggling for answers on the boards at any time feel free to pm me- if im about I will do what I can!

Wel then there is something else you need to reckon with you Europeran partners. When combining two functions you need a double semicolon in stead of one. Iwas folling on online tutorial and I was tring the examples and I couldn't figure out why these examples weren't working until I thought to use double semicolons.

Cheers mate! 

Cheers, see you next time.

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