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Not a valid connector Error response

Hello Powerapps users


One User is facing issues as shown in a Powerapp connected to a sharepoint datasource. 

I created an APP that works fine for everybody but for one specific user. This guy encounters the infamous "Réponse du serveur : Not a valid connector Error response". I checked his connexions which are all fine. 

Where is the issue ? You can see below when he tries to fill a field in a form connected to a person column in sharepoint. 




Secondary question 


The fields "Valideur 1" and "Valideur 2" connect to a different sharepoint column with a Person format in the same list. I recently experienced something strange : 
. on monday, the automatic lookup on the field 'Valideur 1' didn't work. It was fine for 'Valideur 2'. 

. on tuesday, the automatic lookup on the field 'Valideur 2' didn't work. It was fine for 'Valideur 1'. 

. on wednesday, everything is fine. 

Any idea ?




@Bubbler , from your description of the mobile networks, it sounds like you can try whitelisting IP addresses. 


Here's a link to the addresses in question:

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I had a simular issue. In my case it was related to the default lookup column threshold in sharepoint onprem. So if your sharepoint list has more than 8 lookupcolumns you will get this error in powerapps. A quick and dirty solution is to just raise this limit in the central administration.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I've worked with a Azure SQL DB and after editing a table in it, I am facing this error now. 

Tried to update the data sources without success.

Tried to recreate the Data Source after that. Turned out, this could have to do with the changes to the Microsoft Licensing Plans. They made the "SQL Server Connector" (which is also used to connect to Azure SQL) a premium connector. So when recreating my connection, I got a notification, that users will need at least PowerApps Plan 1 to be able to use this connection.




This fits the behaviour of my app.

It does not throw any errors, because my data sources can be received flawlessly. But it won't load any data to tables, galleries, text fields etc. that are stored in the DB.


can anyone on here verify this behaviour and that it has to do with the MS licensing?

@Mr-Dang-MSFT  My users also facing the same error, especially when first open launching the App

Not always happen...but usually when on a mobile connection


powerapps erro.jpg

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I am also facing same issue, If I am triggering a patch form Table-1 to Table-2 to insert new record PowerApps (connected and consuming only Table-1) is showing invalid connector issue.

If I just disable the trigger app starts working fine.

Any solution for this problem yet?

Hello anuragsharma,


are you connecting to a SharePoint table or to a database? Because the database connectors are premium connectors and you will need a PowerApps plan license to use those.

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Hello SImb55,

Thanks for you reply!!

I am using Azure SQL DB, I have premium licence to use this.

Yep, this is the second app I've built that suddenly became completely corrupted/fubared out of nowhere. This product is not stable. You hit the nail on the head. Data connection and saving to list was fine one minute, totally broken the next. Really don't feel like rebuilding from scratch.

I'm using a PowerApp with simple Sharepoint lists. No Lookup fields. Maybe one or two Person-type fields. One of my users is experiencing this error after a recent publish of the app. 




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