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Not able to edit or restore an app.


I am taking over a project started by someone else and I am not able to restore or edit an app. it is live and was created and deployed just last month so i don't know why I cannot restore the app either. It says i cannot restore a version that is 6 months or older. I cannot edit the app. 

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hi @sheikhmb97 


Apps not published in the last 6 months cannot be restored.

This is by design.

Recommendation and best practice is to always republish your Apps every 6 months.


Can you edit the App?

If yes go to file > Account - set authoring version to recommended




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Reza Dorrani, MVP

But the app was created and modified just last month



That seems weird

Raise a support request with MSFT and share the App ID


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Reza Dorrani, MVP








Hi @sheikhmb97 ,


Thank you for this post.


We have this issue already tracked and there will be a fix for it soon, in the meantime please use the workaround Reza provided and once a new version of the Studio will be available please try to see if it works.


At the moment in the internal ticketing system we do not have the build number in order to advise regarding the Studio version able to make the App editable again, but I hope in one of the next builds we will have this issue fixed.


Thank you for using Microsoft Communities,

Madalina Toma
Support Engineer
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Is it safe if I post the app ID here and you can have a look at it?

Hi @sheikhmb97 ,


Due to the fact that the App Id is a Guid of a record inside the Dynamics organization and also inside the CDS, I won't recommend you to post the Guid in any Community forum, also from the tracing perspective, we do not trace based on the App ID, instead we will use your session id to identify a specific behaviour.


Regarding the issue, we have a fix already available which will be released in a couple of weeks, let's try to test in 2-3 weeks and confirm if the issue has been fixed in the new version of Studio.


At the moment the release date had not been officially confirmed, therefore if your error text is the following "Could not open the file: File is corrupted" I will highly recommend you to work with the older version of Studio until the new one resolving this issue will be available.


Thank you for understanding and I will kindly ask you please post back in 2-3 weeks if this issue still occurs.



Thank you for your reply. I have two follow up questions:


1) Since I am new to powerapps, willl the update happen on it's own, or when it comes out I have to update it manually?


2) I am not given any error messages when I try to edit the app. When I try to click on edit, the edit button is "greyed out", as if it is locked. I have a hunch this is an issue on my end, (that I have some settings wrong) or if it is really a version problem. Can you please explain what might be going on in detail? 


Hi @sheikhmb97 ,


The update will happen from backend, but regarding the error, if you don't have any I'm just wondering if you tested the action plan provided by Reza, if it doesn't work I would highly recommend you to raise a ticket and provide the Session Id of your issue.


The Session Id can be found in the browser debugger->Network Tab if that one has been opened at the time of this behaviour or in a Fiddler trace with Https enabled (from Tools->Options->Https->check Decrypt https traffic and install the certificates) but please do not provide the details from that one as it includes Environment Url and other sensitive data.


Here's a more detail description of the action plan provided by Reza:

If the app still doesn't open after those steps, your next action would be to raise a ticket in order for us to verify what is going on, if the App is broken, if it loads in a loop or what exactly happens.


One more thing you need to confirm, if you have popup blocker enabled because by default the App Editor interface will open in a new browser Tab and a popup blocker can stop that process, also you can confirm with one of your colleagues having permissions over this App if they can open it.


At the moment, as this is not a file corrupted error, it might not have anything to do with the fix and the issue tracked I suggested, sorry about that, I was thinking the symptoms you described seem pretty similar with what we already have.


Thank you!

Thank you for the prompt response. I changed the authoring version but "edit" stills seems to be greyed out for me.

Can you please give me directions to where I go to in order to raise a ticket? 

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