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Community Champion
Community Champion

OFFLINE: Not Working Lately


I have an offline app that worked great up until recently. Please advise. Thanks


  • Open PowerApps container app on iPhone SE, Offline app (App-DEV) present.
    • iOS version: 12.2
    • PowerApps container app version: 3.19062.19
    • Session ID: 8f09b48e-d4ff-41cc-b6d4-f751c9d51d23
    • image.png
  • Turn on Airplane Mode
    • image.png
  • No Apps visible in the PowerApps container list
    • image.png
  • Only "My Apps" visible in dropdown
    • image.png
  • Turn Airplane Mode OFF, go back, all apps visible again.
    • image.png
  • Open the offline-capable app FIRST,
    • THEN turn Airplane Mode ON
    • THEN navigate back to app
    • App shows offline (indicator looking at Connection.Connected)
    • image.png
  • Click any BUTTON Control in the app, NOTHING HAPPENS
    • RadioButton Control and Launch() link work fine, but NOT BUTTONS
    • They just flash for a sec, nothing happens
  • Swipe right to get back to list of apps, all MISSING
    • image.png
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ericonline 


Is the issue exists?

Do you mean it works well except recently?

Do you try to change one environment to test?

Could you please try to clear cache and cookies and then to test?



Best Regards.


Not applicable

Hi @ericonline I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Is this still occuring?



Hi team,

I am facign the exact same issue. My users on IOS cannot even see the opion "All Apps" in the menu above and hence cannot access or search through any company apps.

I tried deleting Powerapps in that phone and then the app appeared briefly but it disappeared again and "All app" cannot be clicked now.


Can you help with this issue?



Hi @NoumanQ ,


I am sorry to here this. I am very happy to help you resolving the issue together. 

Here's my understanding of the issues you experienced recently. Feel free to correct me if I miss something impotant.


1. The controls (Button) aren't working when you tap it in the offline mode. Is that correct ? If so, what does the app suppose to behave when you tap it ? 

2. The app list missed the app that you've already opened. Before you closed the app to go back to the app list, you switched to airplane mode. Is that correct ?




Community Champion
Community Champion

Bump. This issue is still occurring. I abandoned Offline PowerApps because of the issue showed in the screenshots above. 

Just revisited offline-mode and I find the same issue. 

OS: iOS 13.4.1

PowerApps container app: v 3.2005412

Steps to reproduce: 

- Ensure all apps on phone are closed

Turn airplane mode ON


- Open the PowerApps container app

- No apps are listed


- Click "Show all apps"

- Search for app (in this case "JOB_REQUIREMENTS_TOOL_DEV")

- No results


- Turn airplane mode OFF

- Navigate back to PowerApps container app


- Search for app again. This time it shows up


- Open the app

- While its open, switch airplane mode ON


- Try to click the big call-to-action button. Nothing happens

- Turn airplane mode OFF


- Click big call-to-action button again. Nothing happens

- Close app and reopen. 

- Click big call-to-action button.

- This time the app navigates as it should (though now there is another problem "Name could be too long")?



1. Is PowerApps offline-mode stable and ready for prime time or are the errors shown above (and in 2019) still an issue?

  a. Is there a way to workaround the issue shown? 

2. What is this "Name could be too long." error?

  a. I'm saving only a few scraps of text, there is no binary data. 

  b. I am saving a nested table in the collection. 

  c. Does LoadData() / SaveData() support nested data?

        id: 1,
        jobNumber: "",
                '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpanderUser",
                Claims: "",
                Department: "",
                DisplayName: "",
                Email: "",
                JobTitle: "",
                Picture: ""
                '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpanderUser",
                Claims: "",
                Department: "",
                DisplayName: "",
                Email: "",
                JobTitle: "",
                Picture: ""
        onDateTime: "",
        offDateTime: "",
        activity0: "", 
        time0: "", 
        activity1: "", 
        time1: "", 
        activity2: "", 
        time2: ""

 Thank yoU!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Would be really nice to get a sanity check here from someone with experience with offline PowerApps. 

- Is the issue described above REAL? OR

- Is there something wrong with the way I'm configured/container app versions/etc?

Community Champion
Community Champion


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