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October 4 bug?

Hello all,

I am posting a problem for once and this one has us baffled.

We have a group of PCs (in the same network and SOE) that display the date of October 4 2020 as October 3 in Power Apps no matter what we do. This is happening over multiple apps on multiple SharePoint lists on multiple controls including gallery labels and form date pickers. SharePoint is correct at October 4 and opening on an iPad or many other PCs on the same app (including mine, but I work remotely) it shows October 4 2020.

Fairly extensive testing establishes the following (on the affected PCs): -

  • Create a record or change a date to October 4 and save (Submit Form) - records October 3 on both the app and SharePoint.
  • Patch October 4 to this or another list - patches October 3.
  • Change back to October 4 in SharePoint - displays October 3 in the app.
  • Change to ANY other date - works fine and save and writes that date and any other date displays correctly.
  • Reviewed some other lists and put October 4 2020 in a date field - same thing on other apps - shows October 3.

This is not a time zone / UTC issue - we are UTC + 10 and it happens any time of day.

There has got to be an explanation for this - has anyone struck anything like this before?

Super User III
Super User III


Don't ya just love the odd ones?!


So, are you absolutely sure it's not time zone related?  Is there any way you can change the date display to also display the time?  I would be curious to see if it actually displays 12:00 AM or some hour prior to it (i.e. the day before)


Just a thought to try and troubleshoot a little.


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Hi @RandyHayes ,

Thanks and I am going to head down the time path when I can get onto one of the PCs.

What is weird is that the other 365 days of the year (2020 is leap year) work perfectly. We tested the time zone theory at 18:10 yesterday (when it was Tuesday in everywhere but Hawaii and Tahiti), still the same issue.


I'm intrigued!!!  Please share any testing you find.  I'd be happy to try and duplicate anything you need an extra set of eyes on. 

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Thanks Randy,

This just gets curiouser and curiouser . . . here is the testing so far.

  • Five devices (at least) of four different types (2 x HP Desktops, HP laptop, Surface Book & Lenovo notebook) all simply refuse to display 4 October 2020 in any app, but show it as 3 October (in forms and galleries in both controls and labels).
  • They are all in the same LAN environment with the same SOE as far as we can tell.
  • If the date is changed to 4 October in Power Apps, it shows in the control, but writes back to SharePoint as 3 October.
  • Change in SharePoint to 4 October and still displays as 3 October on the affected machines.
  • The date 4 October works perfectly on all mobile devices and my 2 PCs, which include a HP laptop with the company SOE on it (I work remotely).

Now I thought I would go into the office and try and eliminate some things - so

  • My laptop (HP) works perfectly in the office on either the LAN or WiFi (noting the same SOE as above)
  • I went on one of the others (a HP laptop like mine) and tried all of the following with the same result (no 4 October)
    • Tried all of LAN, WiFi and a hot-spot phone connection.
    • Logged out user and logged in as me with all above tests.
    • Copied the app to a test (Power Apps) environment - worked on my Laptop, but not the others.
  • Tried both 4 October 2019 and 2021 - they worked perfectly on all.

What else can possibly be the variable here?


That is bizarre! I love tracking those kind of things down - I wish I could make it happen here.

Some of my next steps would be to really examine the time component of the date.  I would really want to know what does October 3 and October 4 really represent?  Oct 4 12:00 AM or Oct 3 11:00 PM or just what does the time component of the date have?

Then, since it is isolated to only certain devices, I would take a deep look at the regional settings of the devices.  And if they are server derived (the authoritative time server), what is that set up like and does it have an issue?

Finally, I would narrow down with a new app that only demonstrates the issue (i.e. only writes the date and reads it back) and then use the data monitoring/tracking tools to see if there is any anomaly in the data going to or coming from the list.


Still intrigued!

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Thanks Randy,

I also did not include tried different browsers as well and that it all works perfectly on my personal laptop.

I had a look at the Regional Settings and they are UTC + 10.

I will try the new app, but there are three others, one of which was written 2 years ago that it does the same thing on.


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