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Office 365 Users Photos Error - Invalid value for Parameter 'userId'

I have sharepoint list connected to gallery, the list has person field "Email" and text field with email addresses "EmailText" and field with thier PrincipalName named it "UserID" of some of the users that I want to display thier info on this gallery including thier Photo, I used the below formula but i get this error when I test the app on my iPad (tested on differents devices I get the same error)


Function used:


If(IsBlank(Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.Email.Email)),'genirc pp',Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.Email.Email))

I also tried different parametes for userphotos like Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.UserID) OR Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.TextEmail)


I also tried this (with different parametes )

If(Office365Users.UserProfile(ThisItem.UserID).AccountEnabled=false,'genirc pp',Office365Users.UserProfile(ThisItem.UserID).AccountEnabled = true And Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata(ThisItem.UserID).HasPhoto= false,'genirc pp',Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.UserID))

but this time i get to invalid errors on both Userprofile and Userphotos


I also tried to use collection instead of sharepoint list and in this collections I retrived userId data from the funcion Office365User.SearchUser for each email address and used it as parameter but it game me error on the editor itself as invild parameter and excpecting text value instead (I tried converting it to text but it didn't work either)


however the function is working normaly and it shows the images as I wanted to be, but this red error it appears only once when I open the page where includes the gallary, so anyone colud help me with this error?


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adding in @aorth to assist with this question. 



@Anonymous @aorth, any update about this issue? 

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Hi @AhTarek sorry about the delay in responding. This is still being worked on and we should have an updated solution for you shortly



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Seems I too am having an issue retrieving the user photos. Is there a fix for this?

No, I am still waiting for their reply Are you using the same methods I have used?, please share your methods so we can figure out the problem.

I have tried this method:


I'm not receiving an error; yet nothing is displayed.

On the other hand, if I put gloThisUserPhoto (variable with photo of signed in user), it works.  My photo is displayed.




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adding in @anees to review and assist. 



Please try this




It works for me

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

@asdeev - That is not working for me.  It pulls in my photo.  Where I am trying to pull in the photo of each person in the gallery.  

I have tried: 

Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.MailNickname) *MailNickname is employee ID # in Office365.

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