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Hi All,


Yesterday this formula If(IsBlank(DropdownRequestorPDM.Selected);Parent.Default;Office365Users.ManagerV2(DropdownRequestorPDM.Selected.Id).jobTitle) was with no error, but today I have a problem 


Error of Office365Users.ManagerV2:{"error":{"code":"Request_ResourceNotFound","message":"Resource 'manager' does not exist or one of its queried reference-property objects are not present.""innerError":{requqest-id:"746ac166-2f1a-46af-9882-10130b052fcd","date":"2019-08-28T16:31:27}}}



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @v-joriva .


Did you changed the user the next day? Does the user you select have a manager when you meet error?

I have made a test on my side, and find that when the user selected from DropDown have no manager, the error you describe will show up. But if the user has a manager, It would work well.


So you should sign into Azure AD Portal as a User administrator for the organization to confirm the user’s Manager Info.

Please follow the path: Home > Users - All users >   [User] – Profile >  Job Info - Manager.

If there is no manager, you have to click the ‘change’ button and assign the manger to User. Then try again in PowerApps to check if the issue has been fixed.

Annotation 2019-08-29 143023.png

For more information about Azure AD, please refer to this doc: Add or update a user's profile information using Azure Active Directory


Best regards,


What about cases where the person doesn't have a manager, e.g. the CEO, contractors, and service accounts?

There is currently no way to handle it.

The best bet would be you do a manual check and if there is null responded you can use if and else

If(IsBlank(Office365Users.ManagerV2(Dropdown3.SelectedText.Value).jobTitle),"No Manager",Office365Users.ManagerV2(Dropdown3.SelectedText.Value).jobTitle)

@Rahber @v-siky-msft Though I have handled the issue with "No Manager" message, how do get rid of the error prompt shown on the top of the screen?

Hello Ramesh, can you please tell how you handled No Manager issue? In my situation user doesn't have manager and this action throws an error. Please advise.


Thank you.


I have below formula at OnStart of the app. I dont see any error

            "Ramesh Mukka"
Frequent Visitor

Don't panic!

Simple Enable this:
Go to
«Experimental features section» -> Enable «Formula-level error management»

and Use this Formula: IfError(Office365Users.ManagerV2(User().Email).displayName,"");

was glad to help 😊

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