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Office365Users.UserPhoto not aligned to AD photo

It seems like Office365Users.UserPhoto is not necessarily aligned to the user photo one sees when logged into Office 365.


I have users who all have profile pics in Office 365, rendered in all apps including Delve. 

I can get it within a PowerApp if I use User().Image, but if I search for that user's Photo using Office365Users.UserPhoto it comes back saying user could not be found.

Office365Users.SearchUser works fine, but obviously doesn't have a photo field.


Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata returns false for HasPhoto


Yet it's there for User().Image.....


Anyone have any idea how this works, or if there's a different field/function I can use to get another user's photo?


Kind regards,



Power Apps
Power Apps

@RusselThomas I am not seeing this behavior. All functions are working as expected.


@LanceDelano any thoughts on this?




It's definitely a misalignment on the specific tenant I'm working on relating somehow to where the photo is coming from, or how the user is being identified.  It's definitely not a general issue.


I usually have this when UPN/Email is misaligned on user profile, but here I've used boh UPN and ID as identifiers with the same result - although I can't remember if I tried those with V2, which someone has advised me to test.


Unfortunately I will only be able to test next week, so I'll feed back then 🙂


Kind regards,



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I have a very similar issue.  Delve and all other O365 applications see the users photo just fine but PowerApps doesn't.


I have recently discovered that if a user whose photo doesn't show in PowerApps uploads a photo into their profile(even if it is the same photo that is already there) now it will show without fail every time.  We have tried this both as a user with Delve and as a PowerShell upload.  Both work immediately and those photos show no problems.  


I hope this helps clarify this issue and that a solution is found soon.  Thanks.



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Any updates or thoughts on this issue?


Can someone from the PowerApps team comment or give us a fix for this?


This kind of reminds me of a time many years past when GIF and JPG file formats were first developed.  Some graphic applications would have no issues and show all images while others would complain and not show the image stating that the file was corrupted or malformed.



Let me ping folks here again to see if anyone can repro or investigate.


In the meantime can you repro at your end and direct message me the corresponding session id?




I'm having the exact scenario, I need to add profile images and when trying this syntax:
If(Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata(Office365Users.MyProfileV2().id).HasPhoto=true, Office365Users.UserPhotoV2("MyUser@MyOrg"), SampleImage)

It return false although I have my image in delve and office 365 other function.

Is there a solution?? I'm really in a mess here!

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adding in @anees to review and assist 



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Hi PowerApps team,


Not sure if you noticed but this thread has been open since July of 2018 with no resolution.

Also, if you do a search on the internet you will see that this has been an issue almost since Office 365 began.  I've seen references since before 2013 to this issue.


I have yet to see any resolutions from Microsoft to automate or fix the process.


The only action that seems to work reliably is to have every user open Delve and upload their photo.  Even if their photo is already there, this works for PowerApps going forward.  This would be fine (though still annoying) if you only had a few users.  But, what about those of us with hundreds, or thousands of users?  


We really need a solution for this.  It presents us with factors that limit our useage of PowerApps because there are so many possible applications we could create that need to display the/a user's photo.


For my company, we are in the process of migrating Exchange and SharePoint to Office 365.  As we migrate users to O365 we are seeing that a random few display their photo in Delve while the vast majority do not.  All of the user photos are very small 200x200 and take up a few kb so that should not be a problem.


What we need is either a fix for this issue or at best, a powershell script that will read a list of users and their photo and upload them to Delve automatically.

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Hello again,


And again, there is no response to this thread from Microsoft.  It is over one month since my last entry asking for help and nothing. No responses, no comments, nothing.


Can someone, anyone from the PowerApps team please at least respond with something?????


Please read the entire thread, as there are others with the same issue.



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