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OnChange and combobox.searchtext no longer working?

I have to work around not being able to directly search sharepoints lists by running a clearcollect for items available in a combobox. This has been working up until one of the latest versions, but now it seems that changes in the search field is no longer within the OnChange scope. Anyone else experienced similar issues?


This is beyond frustrating! Is there a way to keep running on the previous "backend" until we get time to test the newer version when there is risk of the backend breaking the app? Some of my apps has now become worthless after being in use and functional for some time.
I have obviously have misunderstood something, but one of the most appealing concepts of powerapps was that it would give us the freedom to develop apps that were basically fire&forget. If Microsoft releases a new version of powerapps, and every new version can potentially break the app,  then we have to start writing tests for our apps functionality. It will be harder for me as a developer to argue for using powerapps, the more time i have to spend working around and debugging our apps. Even harder if I have to spend time testing every single functionality of them at every update. 



rolling back to an older versions is of no use. It says the PowerApps relase is what it used to be when this was working. (!?)All releases above the one that is live has been testedAll releases above the one that is live has been tested

Power Apps
Power Apps

@hjaf This was an intentional change that was introduced in version 3.19022 to address a violation of our accessibility guidelines.  We're sorry to hear this change broke a previously working scenario for you.  Can you provide details--or an example--about how it was previously working and how it is it no longer is?


In the meantine, you can access the previous version of Studio at this address:

Hi, thanks for the reply.


The way I had it working was using something like:

clearcollect(comboboxitems, filter(splist, combobox.searchtext in column)) 

on a sharepoint list when the search text of a combobox changed. This was something I did to overcome the limitations of delegation and filtering on sharepoint resources. But I also wanted to use onchange to actively verify a input while inputting. e.g warning upon certain conditions / matches etc.  

I hope that I did not violate any accessibility guidelines with this workaround, this was certainly not my intention 😕  


Got any tips as to overcome the sharepoint delegation and powerapps item limits? 🙂 

Also what do you recommend as a practice to avoid scenarios like this in the future? Being able to roll back to a previous version if something stopped working, was somewhat important to ensure availability. But in this case, however,  it seems its not connected to the version of powerapps but powerapps in general.  


Thanks again for the info so far!

@hjaf  If I understand correctly, previously you had something like the following that was working until the accessibility change:

ComboBox.Items = comboBoxItems
ComboBox.OnChange = ClearCollect(comboBoxItems, Filter(splist, ComboBox.SearchText in Column))

Have you tried setting ComboBox.Items to the filter expression directly?

ComboBox.Items = Filter(splist, ComboBox.SearchText in Column) 


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