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Helper V

Open attachment - Powerapps custom form - SharePoint list

I created a custom Powerapps form for a SharePoint list and was excited to utilize the new functionality of adding an attachment. It works great when adding a new item to the list (powerapp form opens, fill out the various fields, add attachment, save). The problem occurs when I open an existing list item (which also opens in the powerapps form) - when I click on the attachment to open it nothing happens.


Wondering if I have to have separate forms? One to attach the attachemnt and one to view it?


Thank you for reading.


We have encountered the same problems. Attachment downloads (after allowing pop-ups from an Azure cdn) in Edge and Chrome, not in IE.

Helper V
Helper V

Is this functionality still missing using Internet Explorer? Not sure if someone from Microsoft actually reads these forums.


I would like to utilize the new powerapps forms but I have about 4,000 potential users who would need to open the attachemtns using Internet Explorer.

I just tried it and it still does not work.


I think they know about it.

Thank you. I don't want to keep designing and deleting forms over and over to test this. LOL

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The same issue.

I assume that Microsoft added the ability to manage (add/delete) attachments and not to open them. 

Come on MS team, you can do better.

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I did not find a workaround how to fix this in View Form as this mode makes OnSelect event inaccessible, but this approach can help with opening attachments from list items in DataTable or EditView.


In OnSelect event you may use the following function which will open the first attachment:

Launch(Concatenate("{your list URI}","/Attachments/",Text({Item ID}),"/", First({item}.'{Attachments}').DisplayName))


If you are using Data Table then:

- replace Item ID with DataTable.Selected.ID and use the function in OnSelect event on any column

- replace item with DataTable.Selected


DataTable Launch Attachment.PNG

If you are using Edit View Form then:

- replace Item ID with ThisItem.ID and use the function in OnSelect event in the Attachment field or any other custom card

- replace item with ThisItem


In many cases, users require only one attachment, so this can be viable.


Hopefully, MS will fix this not opening attachments bug soon.

Fingers crossed.



View solution in original post

Using Pavel's suggestion. To show attachments for the selected Item in the Browse Gallery (Or known Item) this can be done using a data table and the attachment collection.


 - Add a Collection on the OnVisible Event of the Screen:

         ClearCollect(SelectedAttachments, BrowseNCs.Selected.'{Attachments}')


 - Use this Collection to populate a DataTable 

 - Select the Field in the datatable that is to open the attachment

 - Change the Is hyperlink on field to be true

 - Change the OnSelect event to open the Attachment 

      Launch(<your datatable>.Selected.AbsoluteUri)


I put a view attachments button on the form that contains attachments and then take them to a seperate Attachements screen but you could put this on the page itself




Wow, that's awesome! Thanks - I will try that out for sure.

Launching SP list attachments by using AbsoluteUri works ok in my project when using Edge as browser, and the attachment documents open in Excel, Word, etc. for editing.


Example of my Listbox in EditForm:

Item = ThisItem.'{Attachments}'

OnSelect = Launch(ListBox1.Selected.AbsoluteUri)


When using Chrome the Launch returns exactly same result as Download i.e. a "save as window". So in Chrome there is no difference between Launch and Download. Funny enough, if i use Download with *.txt document in Chrome it launches text document in new browser page. Very weird.


Neither browser open the documents to O365 in web browser for editing, which would be the optimal solution.  


This happens both in PA web studio and PA project in SharePoint Online as a web part - but only with SP List attachments, the documents in SP Library open correctly to O365 in web browser.


Is this a bug or a feature in PA, or am i missing something?


Frequent Visitor

Hi all, 


I got that same problem and searched desperately for a solution but no hope. I finally figured out a workaround tested working on my app on Chrome. described below


in an edit form, the attachment control works flawlessly (can attach files and download/view attached files on Chrome). the good is that I can download/view in both edit mode and display mode.


so in the view form, I just added a toggle informing viewers that there is attachment(s). I created a new screen for an edit form with only attachment control in display mode (to prevent viewers from editing). in this screen, viewers can download/view the attachments.


Hope this helps


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