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Helper III
Helper III

Org Chart - Big red error

I have setup the Org Chart app for my company using the built in template.  It is a great template, however, when selecting a user that has no manager assigned (we have quite a few), you get a big red error message at the top of the screen saying that they dont have a manager which is really annoying.


Has anybody found a way around stopping the error from displaying please?  It is the only thing stopping me putting the app live to all users.


Many thanks


Helper III
Helper III

The formula I am using has the ! before the IsBlank so:

If(!IsBlank(Office365Users.Manager(First(Employee).Id)), ClearCollect(Manager, Office365Users.Manager(First(Employee).Id)));


If I remove the ! it doesnt display a manager for anybody at all.


The red error occurs when clicking on to an employee with no manager assigned



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Although the big red error doesn't show up in the builder, I ran the App Checker which reported the offending field in "Runtime". In my case, it was in "Rectangle3_8".


I changed the formula from:


ClearCollect(Employee, ThisItem);
ClearCollect(PreviousEmployee, Employee);
Clear(Manager);Collect(Manager, Office365Users.Manager(First(Employee).Id));
Navigate(OrganizationScreen, Fade)



ClearCollect(Employee, ThisItem);
ClearCollect(PreviousEmployee, Employee);
Clear(Manager);If(IsBlank(Office365Users.DirectReports(First(Employee).Id)), ClearCollect(Manager, Office365Users.Manager(First(Employee).Id)));
Navigate(OrganizationScreen, Fade)


That fixed the issue for me on PowerApps in iPhone.

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I just noticed this "fix" removes the "Reports to" block when visiting a profile from search. The block does show up if you navigate back and forth between profiles though so this should be fixable. I'll look into this later on.

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It looks like it's really impossible to work arround the big red error message until something is changed by Microsoft 😞


Here's a request to support try/catch in PowerApps you can vote for:


Another route might be for them to return an empty collection instead of a 404 status error.


Meanwhile, as a workaround, it looks like an Active Directory where everybody has a manager should work. The CEO can have the CEO as manager or be filtered out.

Hello, did you manage to fix this "reports to" removal?

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Don't panic !

Simple Enable this:
Go to
«Experimental features» section -> Enable «Formula-level error management»

and Use this Formula: IfError(Office365Users.ManagerV2(User().Email).displayName,"");

Was glad to help 😊

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