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Outlook connector issue

Dear all,


I'm currently having and issue with one App I have been developing. Somehow it has created a connection with Outlook (not O365, just normal Outlook). I really haven't such connection. I did though made a connection with Outlook365 just yesterday. So, I'm affraid it might be related, but I don't know how.

I have shared the app with some colleagues and they are have tried to use the app using a desktop web-browser.


The problem is when they try to open the app, it requires them to sing-in Outlook (it also requires other authorization such a SharePoint and Outlook 365, which are automatically signed-in, so no problem on it). When they try to sign-in they get a notification that their account doesn't exist, that outlook connection only accept individual accounts.


You can see it doesn't make sens they need to use any individual MS account to use a company app.


I went inside the app editor and find the connector. I deleted the connector "Outlook" leaving still there Outlook 365. Still the app keeps asking to sign-in Outlook. And now, even for edition, I get that request. Fortunately as owner I can reject that request and still edit the app, but the end users they are kicked-out from the app if they don't sign-in Outlook.


I haven't try to remove the Outlook 365 connection as so far that it doesn't seems to bring problems, and I actually want to keep it for future development on the app.


I hope some of you can help on this. I really don't know how to move forward, meanwhile the app is unusable.





@ZachTakingItit's a flow that I used in the app. That flow used Outlook connector. So once I removed that flow, then the app didn't need Outlook connector anymore.

@bruce365 , I was trying to ask about their solution to export the app and remove the connection. I have gone through all my flows many times to assure that it is not a flow. Anyways I am trying to find the connection in the exported file but I do not know where to look or what it will look like.

hi @ZachTakingIt ,

Export the flow as a zip (example attached).

Then there will be a .json file located in the zip file at a location similar to:



In that .json,theyll be connectionReferences section where you can delete the connection 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual



You need to remove Outlook connector and replace with Office 365 Outlook.


This is due to security concerns.


It is quite easy to do, just have to go through and replace Outlook. calls with Microsoft365Outlook.

Helper I
Helper I

I had this issue today.  Users were being asked to sign in to, but the connection didn't exist anywhere in my app. 


I checked my associated flows and found was used in an an experimental flow I'd previously deactivated.  Even though I deactivated and later deleted the flow, my app still wanted permission to use 


I scoured my app for the reference to the old flow and deleted it.  That fixed the issue.


I guess it's important not to use in flows which will be used by others because it's looking for a sign-in to your personal email, rather than the user's own.

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