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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

PDF Viewer Not Showing PDF

I have tried the following ways to get the PDF Viewer to work:

1. Uploading it in the assets portion (worked in browser, but did not work on phone)

2. Store it to https link and click the link (get the following error message: Couldn't open PDF file)

However no matter what I do I am unable to actually get the pdf visible in the app on my Iphone.


Has anyone been successful in doing this? Please help and provide any ways that you have gotten it visible.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hello PAB,


There is a known bug affecting this control which we are urgently investigating. I suspect that is what's blocking you from having the document load successfully. I will keep this thread updated as we work to fix the problem.


Does it work if you click "Open in my browser instead"?


Yes it does, but we were hoping to view the document from the application so the user does not get confused and can remain in the application. I appreciate your quick response, and please let me know when the bug is fixed. For now the user will have to open in another browser.

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Same issue with my app too.

I can open it in the browser.

Our PDF Documents are linked to Dropbox.

We are working to deploy a hotfix. In the meantime, you should be able to use the previous version of web authoring (that does not have this problem) here:


Does that help?



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Thank you for your prompt response. This is an App I am currently working, so it is not a production app.

I will wait for the fix.


Any update on the fix? It is a new application I am withholding launching until it is fixed.

The issue should already be resolved for iPhone, Android, and Web browser. The issue still persists in the Authoring/Editing mode of the app and we are investigating.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I am still experiencing this issue and I have an Iphone 6s Plus running on iOS 11.3


Is it supposed to be solved for this as well?

@PAB If you are still running into this issue and have saved and re-published your app, please give us a Session Id and we can assist you further. 🙂

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