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Advocate III
Advocate III

PDF Viewer Not Showing PDF

I have tried the following ways to get the PDF Viewer to work:

1. Uploading it in the assets portion (worked in browser, but did not work on phone)

2. Store it to https link and click the link (get the following error message: Couldn't open PDF file)

However no matter what I do I am unable to actually get the pdf visible in the app on my Iphone.


Has anyone been successful in doing this? Please help and provide any ways that you have gotten it visible.


@erga I sent it to you in a private message

Not applicable

Saved App and re-published.

Tri it on Android phone, iPad, and Web.

On Android phone it says "Invalid or Corrupted PDF file" and no option to opn in browser

For Web browser see the below pictures.




From our logs, it seems like you are trying to access a Dropbox file. Is that PDF in your Dropbox public? PowerApps cannot show privately-hosted PDF because we do not store your authentication credentials on our platform.


An easy way to check whether your PDF is public is to open a new private browser window (On Windows machines, it's Ctrl + Shift + N) and copy + paste the url. After you launch the URL, does your PDF immediately show up, or does it ask you for login credentials? 


@erga Here is my session ID: 6eb01c4a-6ecd-47be-8f16-1bb448b59b54

and I am still receiving the open in another browser bug


Mine is not in a drop box


Running on Iphon 6s plus iOS 11.3


Please send an email to erga@microsoft -- I'd be happy to assist you further.


This link is producing a 404 for me.


I am afraid I am experiencing the same issue.  For me here is the situation:


* PDFs are stored in Azure in a blob

* Originally, couldn't get it to work at all (in create mode and published) but on a hunch updated the CORS settings in Azure to support all verbs from anywhere

* PDFs now load in the create mode

* PDFs show "Couldn't Open File" when published and running in browser

* PDFs do launch in Acrobat when you click "Open in my browser instead"

* Verified you can open this in IE under InPrivate mode with no authentication prompts using HTTPS


We are so close!!!  Any chance you can help us over the finish line?


Session ID: 0c7fadc9-c362-453e-9f78-dad2cb5fce78
PowerApps 3.18063.20


Thank you!





I have the same issue.  I have PDF files stored in a SharePoint Office 365 Document Library.  I have created an app that reads the files from SharePoint and allows for selecting one of them from a pulldown menu.  That selection then navigates to a view page where the PDF Viewer control is.  The viewer looks like it is trying to open the file for a few seconds but then it says it can't open it and to use the browser.  The browser works fine then.  I want to contain the PDF files in the app for security reasons so that is not an option.


The issue appears to be permissions based.  Since the app cannot authenticate with SharePoint it fails.


I found a potential solution from Paul Clumsee that he refers to as a "Floxy", a kind of reverse proxy using Flow to do the authentication.  It works perfectly in the Studio mode.  Once the app is published and I share it with others or just use the URL myself, it fails every time.


Very frustrating.  It should just be able to use SharePoint or Onedrive for Business to house and present your files.


The app I have created will potentially save our company a tremendous amount of time and money so I am desperate to get it working.


Earlier in this thread, it was mentioned that Microsoft is working on a hotfix to address this issue.  Please tell us that this will be done soon!  This issue seems to have been around for a long time now with no news from anyone at Microsoft.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.




I tried the link to the previous version:


But just get a 404 error.


Was anyone able to use the previous version successfully?

Advocate I
Advocate I

We've had the same issue. We found that the PDF viewer works from the PowerApps desktop app. This was an acceptable work-around for us. Also, I can confirm that the "Floxy" produced the same issue: it worked in the app and the PowerApp editor but not on published app from a web browser. It has to do with user permissions.

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