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Packaging Canvas App and Related Flow in the Same solution

Is it supported to package a canvas app and a flow in a solution where the flow is called from the that canvas app. With some recent changes I am now able to create a package that has both the canvas app and the flow in it. Now I am able to configure the canvas app to call the flow, but I encounter a problem when I export the solution and import the solution back into another environment. The connection between the canvas app and flow is removed. Under the connections pane it shows the flow as “Not connected”. 


Before pursuing this approach further is this scenario supported?


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Community Support

Hi @John742 ,


Please check the following limitations, Reference: Known limitations 


Best regards,


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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @John742 ,


Please check the following limitations, Reference: Known limitations 


Best regards,


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Solution Limitation.jpg

The above image is from Limitations of Solutions


From point 1, it states, it is possible to create a Canvas app button triggered flow from Solution which means the flow can be packaged in a solution. So now the solution is exported (unmanaged) and imported in new environment.


From point 2, the behavior is expected that connections will break. But when i try to edit the button inside the app, i do not see the flow which is inside the solution. (I have turned On the flow too). How to handle this scenario? I am planning for CI/CD and hence want to avoid exporting/ importing each flow separately.


From point 3 is an expected behavior but it becomes difficult to find the list of all flows inside the environment.


 Any suggestion or recommendation on how to fix or handle the above scenarios. 

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If importing the solution results in the canvas app dropping the link to the flow, what the heck is the point?


I have complex flows called from a canvas app. I have dependencies on custom CDS entities, and would like to use child flows, both requiring a solution. But..  I can't use a solution cause it breaks the link between my canvas and flows?


These limitations are ridiculous and really undermine the utility of the framework for anything other than personal use. The ability to develop a solution for someone else's environment is wrought with gotchas and pitfalls. 

Hi @Anonymous,


The limitation is bit frustrating if we have lot many connections.

The easiest way to fix this is add a dummy screen in your app and just create a new data/ flow connection. This will save you from overriding the complex formula which is written for invoking a flow while restoring the connection the flow.




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Kudo Kingpin

Application Lifecycle Management through solutions in the Power Platform...

Only Production Ready for Data Model and Model Driven Apps from my experience... wonder how Dynamics Companies have been using this for years??


Environment Variables --> bugs

Power Automate Flows on entities from Model Driven App --> workaround needed outside solution

Power Automate Flows in Business Process Flows of Model Driven --> not working in most browsers

Power Automate Flows linked to Canvas Apps --> reconnect of App to Flow needed after Export/Import 

and this is just after half a day of testing...


Still: I have faith 💪

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I am having very similar issues


I have a Power Apps Solution that contains a  Model Driven App(MDA), Canvas App and a Power Automate Flow.


The MDA has a page which contains a Canavas App. This Canvas app asks the user for some data input. Then the user click a button on the Canvas App to trigger a PowerApp flow which uses the user data input to drive the flow.


Everytime I import a new solution from the Dev environmante into this Sandbox Environment I basically have to rebuild sone of the Flow actions and reconnect it back to the Canvas App. 


This is very time consuming.


If anyone has ideas to help improve I would love to hear them 

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We need to connect the flow back to the apps every time a deployment is done. Their is still no fix for this. For this the easiest approach is to add a new dummy screen in the canvas app with a button from which a flow can be connected again, instead of doing it in actual screen which might mess up the existing formulas.


I am curious to know why you need to update certain actions in flow? Is it because without doing that you are not able to re-attach the flow or some other reason. 

One of the actions I use "Populate a Word Document" gets very confused everytime I reimport the flow and needs to be reset to point to the document in Sharepoint. Its a bit painful.

How do you go about re-connecting all flows from inside the PowerApps in managed solutions?

Managed solutions are of course what one want to be using for TEST and PROD environments, but the PowerApps cannot be edited in managed solutions (I mean, that is the whole point of the managed solutions), right?


Or do you simply use unmanaged solutions in all your environments?

If so, that seem like a huge risk for edits happening in any environment, not just in DEV.

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