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Parameters to Power Apps tab in Teams does not change when switching between Teams


We have a problem with parameters passed to a Power Apps app embedded in several different Teams as a tab.

The problem is that the parameters are passed correctly to the app the first time it is opened in a Team, but if you then switch to another team and open the app in that tab then Teams pass the same parameters as the first launch even though the tab is configured to pass different values.
If I press the icon to open the app in the browser the app opens there with the correct parameters.

I have tried several different ways of adding the app, as a Teams-app from the catalogue, both added manually and via Graph API, and as a powerapps tab manually added. With my own parameters (when added via Graph API) and the standard parameters that Teams passes automatically to the app and I get the same behaviour.
First time an app is opened in a team the parameters gets passed correctly, but when I then go to another Team and open the app again the parameters from the first Team gets passed to the app.
If I close down Teams and then open the app first in anothe Team the correct parameters for that Team are passed.

I can only see that this must be a bug in Teams, or am I missing something?
Has anyone else come across the same problem or has anyone gotten this to work?

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I'm not sure if you do but if you have the parameters set at the apps OnStart (which is where I typically do it) then it is just set once and won't change when you change teams because there is no action. 


You might consider trying (if that is what you have) to move it to the screens OnVisible. I haven't tried that for your exact scenario but have something similar that I had to do that on. 

Well, that is where I set them, and when I change Teams the app is closed and then opened again so the OnStart should get triggered but I have also for testing purposes just added a label and set its text property to Param("myparam") and to Param("groupId") and it also onlu ever get the value of the parameters from the first Team i open the app in.

It is very odd.

Hmm...good idea on the label...that is what I do for trouble shooting also. 


This won't "fix" your issue but could be another step in the trouble shooting. I would try adding an icon on the home screen when you select it it runs OnStart you have set again and see if that changes it. 


I haven't tried passing parameters in Teams yet...just to web and SSRS. Now I am wanting to 

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I have done some more testing in another Tenant to be sure and this indded seems to be a bug in Teams.

I created a very simple powerapps that does two things, in the OnStart it creates a new item in a SharePoint list, and then only has one Label with the Text-prpoerty set to Param("groupId")

I created two teams and manually added the app as a tab in both teams.

I open the app in the first Team, the correct groupId for that Team is shown and a new row is created in the list.
I go into the second Team and open the app there, a new row is created but the Label shows the groupId for the first team.

I close down Teams and open it again and go in to the second Team, the Label now show the correct groupId for the second Team.

I switch to the first team again and open the app, and now that shows the groupId for the second Team.


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Hello together,


we are facing the same issue, we have a Power App which is added to multiple teams in multiple channels. Each channel represents a different product. The data is loaded from Share Point on relation to the Channel name. For this we use the value:



9 months ago when the app was initialy created there wasn't a problem with it.
No we set up to more apps with simulary logic and got the same issue like you.

The value of


doesn't update when switching between chanels, for this you need to reload teams (F5 in the browser) 


I tested it on the minimalst issue point by just displaying the Param("channelId") in a label. The value is correct in the first channel but does never update when switching to another Channel.


In my point of view this is a caching problem because the channelId is in the URL when you use team via WebApp ( in the Browser) and the URL is changing but not the value in the teams app.


Yes that is the same problem we are facing and when I tested it before we started our project it did work so there must have been something they did during autum that broke the url parameters in Teams.

We have a support ticket with Microsoft for this issue since last friday and it had been sent to the product team so hopefully this can be fixed, and hopefully soon since the system we have spent 1000+ hours would be severly crippled if this doesnt work.

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Hopefully they find a fast way to fix it on our side it is more less the same amount of work and I don't see the possibility for a workaround.


Or how should be identify in which channel we are?


Hevent found a viable work-around either, one that could maybe work is that if you create the power app in the new powerapp studio inside Teams the app gets a special teams integration that is shown in the tree view for the screens and that integration works even if you add the app to another team, thought the URL-parameters you get from Teams, Param("groupId") for example, still doesn't work even in that scenario.

I have only tested createing a Power App in Teams and manually added it to two teams so I'm not sure if that will work for us since we create the teams in a self-service portal and the apps are added to the teams with Graph API.

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Just a little update, earlier this week I got an update on our support ticket and the product team had identified the bug in Teams and found a fix that will be patched and deployed next week, but they said it might take one more week untill the fix has reached all reagions.
So hopefully within a week or two this problem will be fixed. 

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