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Pass Parameters in iframe embedded powerapp (sharepoint)

Is it possible to pass parameters in the URL/iframe code to get you to a certain screen when embedding the powerapp in SharePoint as an iframe. I have seen options similar to this with PowerBI (  And i know that you can pass parameters to the powerapp to get you to a certain screen say when you click on a push notification to get you to a specific location in the App.  


I have used this link to successfully embed the PowerApp and at the bottom it mentions the param function which i am hoping can be pair with the iframe link to achieve what i am looking for (  Again i know its possible to "deep link" with the param function as i have done this with a push notification and the param function, but my specific scenario requires me to embed an app on multiple different sharepoint sites and get to a specific screen in the app based on the site it is embedded in. Any assistance or possible "hacks" if necessary would be greatly appreciated.


@searopecan you please collect a session id? alt + right click on the powerapps frame should provide it to you.

I'm running into the same issue. I can't seem to get the embed code to work as expected. Can anyone share an example of the iframe code with a passed parameter?


I've ended up using Embed web-part which allows passing the parameters to my PowerApp

The URL should look like 

<iframe width="1024px" height="575px" src=";screenColor=rgba(104,101,171,1)&amp;appId=/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apps/YOUR_APP_ID&amp;PARAM1=VALUE1&amp;PARAM2=VALUE2"></iframe>

I've tweaked the iframe's width and height to show my app as needed.

Since it's not visible on the page there is nothing to ALT-click on ))


@cherie wrote:

@searopecan you please collect a session id? alt + right click on the powerapps frame should provide it to you.


Awesome, thank you so much! 

@searopeif you could private message me your full url i can look up the logs that way.

Thank you very much for this. Excuse my ignorance as I'm just starting to use PowerApps but how do you pick up the parameter in PowerApps? Everything I've tried doesn't work.


Currently I've got an OnStart for the app saying:


Set (PageNamem Param(PageName)) - Obviously PageName is the name of my parameter that I have passed using your Embed code example.


Hope you can help.





I have exactly the same problem.


My session id is 783a38db-30cb-4253-8cc4-7782edb3515d

Advocate II
Advocate II

how were you able to get the FilePath or DocID to pass into the query string? I am trying to figure out the path and docid of the current site where the powerapp is loaded so that i can pass that info into my app via querystring.

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