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Passing Variable Values Between an App and a Flow

I have a test Flow shown below which is integrated into a PowerApps App that I named “Test App-005” which is shown in the second image below.    The intent of the test flow is to update a given row in an Excel spreadsheet in a properly connected OneDrive folder.    I don' t know how to pass values from the App's screen to the Flow such that my App can determine what row in the spreadsheet to update.      QUESTION: How can I pass the values of variables between the App and the Flow?   For instance, I’d like to be able to pass the values for the Flow inputs, “Row id”, “Row” and the three columns beneath it from the App to the Flow.   Then I’d like to pass results from a Get Row step (not yet included in the Flow) from the Flow back to the App.  

Note: I'm in the early stages of using Power Apps so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Super User
Super User

When you are in Flow put your cursor in the field where you want to pass a value to. Then in the Dynamic Content box you should see an option called "Ask in PowerApps". Click on it to add it to the field and it will create a parameter in the PowerApps Flow allowing you to pass a value when calling the Flow. If you don't see the "Ask in PowerApps" in the Dynamic Content box then click on "See More".AskInPowerApps.png


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Many thanks for the response!   I followed your instructions and successfully added a parameter to the Flow.   It happens to be Updaterow_Row in the Row field (see the first attachment).   I assume that I now need to add a reference to it within the parens of the OnSelect Fx formula  on the App side (see second attachment).   The prompt for that formula is 'PowerAppsbutton-2'.Run().   I figure that, within the parens, I need Updaterow_Row plus some reference to the field on the App side that I want to reference but don't know the correct Syntax for doing that.   For instance, Update_Row(Label2_4), but that didn't work.

QUESTION: What is the correct syntax needed to reference both the new parameter on the Flow side and the desired field on the App side in the OnSelect Fx formula? 


Bob Garrow


Attachment correction...adding "-03" attachment

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