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Patch, Flow or Both - Bulk Qty Assets

Hello... I am getting real close to finishing up an app we've been working on for a year.  But, there has been one component of this added to the mix that wasn't originally part of our plans.  In short, we have an Asset Management/Tracker that was intended to manage single record/assets with unique QR Codes for each individual asset.  We are wanting to expand our tracking for assets that we consider Bulk Qty Assets... kind of like the grocery store where we'll have the same ScanTag# (which is the QR Code) but multiples of them held by multiple people.  Our current app patching works well for our current environment, but we know we'll have to change things a bit due to this newest feature we are wanting. 


I have provided below a chart that shows the 4 scenarios we will run into when it comes to updating records in the SharePoint list when a Transfer Button is pressed in the app.  We basically have 3 components to this... The Person (Transferrer or Transferee), The Record (whether the Transferrer or Transferee has the current ScanTag# in their List), and the Quantity (the current or desired Qty).  The last piece of the puzzle is the reason for my post... what happens when each of the 4 scenario's are true?  My question is what would be the best route to take in patching the records in SharePoint based on what I have provided... Patching, a Flow or a combination of both... and what are the reasons behind and recommendations for carrying it out?  


Bulk Qty Options.PNG

This is our current patch that updates records in the SharePoint List based on our current single record environment... thought it would help shed light on the list and column names.  


        'All Asset List',
            Holder: TransferToSelect_2.Selected.Title,
            Status: {
                ID: 1,
                Value: HardTransferStatusDrpDwn_1.Selected.Value
            LocationBK: TransferToSelect_2.Selected.Location.Value,
            'Asset Site': TransferToSelect_2.Selected.'Asset Site'.Value,
            'Transfer Status': "",
            'Audit Status': "Pending",
            'Retired Date': If(HardTransferStatusDrpDwn_1.Selected.Value="Retired",DatePicker2_2.SelectedDate,



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