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Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Patch a collection of items to SharePoint List

Hi All,


I'm struggling with this one.  I have a use case where I would like to be able to use my app to create offline stats for childrens football (mainly because it would take too long to interact with sharepoint and I might not even have good reception).


I have a collection that I am trying to post to sharepoint.  SpotsStats is my Sharepoint List.  cnStats is my collection.

























The following syntax works (although it is nonsense!)

Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats),
{Weather: "My Weather Test"}))


When this code runs I end up with 4 rows in sharepoint (corresponding to the fact I have 4 rows in my collection).


My real objective is to do something along the following lines (see below) but it's not working:-


Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats),
{ ActionIndex: cnStats.Index, Action: cnStats.Action, Half: cnStats.Half,Result: cnStats.Result,Weather: cnStats.Weather})


Even the following is invalid syntax


Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats), 
{Result: cnStats.Result})


This would suggest that the problem is with the cnStats.Result.  I've tried wrapping this in a text function Text(cnStats.Result) but still no joy.


Any ideas what I'm missing as it's pretty frustrating.


hi ScottRMeredith,

I would say that your collection CalShopCart already has a column called "field_0", and this is the Name column... that's why you can't add a 2nd column with the same name.

It's a total pain when the column names get all jacked up so I suggest to recreate the Sharepoint List... If you have it on an Excel file it should be very easy to create it again and reuse your previous data and a new List. Make sure your table column name have no space or weird character to avoid jacked names again.


I got it worked out as I forgot I had extra columns in my collection that were not on my sharepoint list.  I ended up creating a new collection with just the columns I needed and it worked.  Thanks for the reply.  

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