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Patch a collection of items to SharePoint List

Hi All,


I'm struggling with this one.  I have a use case where I would like to be able to use my app to create offline stats for childrens football (mainly because it would take too long to interact with sharepoint and I might not even have good reception).


I have a collection that I am trying to post to sharepoint.  SpotsStats is my Sharepoint List.  cnStats is my collection.

























The following syntax works (although it is nonsense!)

Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats),
{Weather: "My Weather Test"}))


When this code runs I end up with 4 rows in sharepoint (corresponding to the fact I have 4 rows in my collection).


My real objective is to do something along the following lines (see below) but it's not working:-


Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats),
{ ActionIndex: cnStats.Index, Action: cnStats.Action, Half: cnStats.Half,Result: cnStats.Result,Weather: cnStats.Weather})


Even the following is invalid syntax


Patch(SportStats, Defaults(SportStats), 
{Result: cnStats.Result})


This would suggest that the problem is with the cnStats.Result.  I've tried wrapping this in a text function Text(cnStats.Result) but still no joy.


Any ideas what I'm missing as it's pretty frustrating.

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Hello All,


Facing an issue . i have written a code to patch the collection to sharepoint. but whenver i click the save button the data dosent seem to be visible in my sharepoint list even though my collection is having the required data.


Steps i followed :-

1. created a list called input in sharepoint and developed a form in powerapps. 

2. after updating the form i saved it in a collection.

3. Created a new list in sharepoint and made sure that the columns match in collection.

4. Created a Button "Save" and wote a patch line  as 


ForAll(Collection3, Patch(list, Defaults(list), {collection3column:sharepointcolumn,Title:Title})).


errors: - 


When testing the form, the toggle dosent appear for the save Button but it apprears to the record button. due to which i am not able to see any data in my sharepoint list. 


P.S : - Record Button saves the collection from a form 


Can you please help me out.



Hi Shane,

I'm trying to add items in Collection to SharePoint List using Collect, but nothing happen.


My collection named Collection1 comprises of selected list of item shown in Gallery.

I'd like to update "Lot no." from Collection1 to column "Lot no." in SharePoint List named "Billing Document".


I tried Onselect of button: Collect('Billing Document',Collection1), but nothing happen

Could you please suggest on this?


Thank you very much in advance!


@Shanescows  How does "Collect(SharePoint, Collection)" patch all of the records in the collection?

Hi @Shanescows ,


I have a PowerApp where I am bringing in fields from multiple data sources into a Collection. If I want to patch just one of those fields from my Collection to a Sharepoint lists, how would I do that since it's not all fields?


thank you!

you can filter the item you want to update and then patch it to the SP List

Thank you so much for your reply however how can I have the results from that column go to the correct column in the Sharepoint?


Collect(KIT, Filter(myCollecttion1,'ATP QTY'))


This is what I have so far where KIT is the name of the sharepoint, myCollecttion1 is the name of the Collection and ATP QTY is the field in the collection but the column in Sharepoint is ATP Quantity (SP).

Hi Shane,


This approach is no longer working on my end, though it used to for a long time. Are you aware of other ways to patch the whole collection to a SP list?


Thank you,


I'm having a similar issue. I have Collect(MySharePointList, MyCollection) but it states
"The specified column "ColumnName" doesn't exist. The column with a similar name is "ColumnName" and I don't understand what's going on.

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